Buenos Aires is a vibrant city, renowned for its marvelous art and culture, welcoming people, great food and wines, and lively nightlife. In this site you will find all the information you need to know about Buenos Aires: current and upcoming cultural and sports events, places to visit, where to stay, the best museums, the most beautiful buildings and monuments. Below on the right you will find all this information listed by "Category".
And for the planning of your visit to Buenos Aires, I can offer my personal assistance organizing your itinerary and finding accommodation, as well as booking different services and activities, such as: City Tours; Day Trips; Tango Lessons; Tango Shows; Polo Lessons; Polo Vacations; Soccer Experience; Art Tours; Exclusive "off the beaten path" shopping tours, Argentine Cooking Classes, and much more!! (click for details).



Personal Travel Planning: I take pride in offering a personalized, dedicated travel planning and concierge service, helping visitors in the organization of their trips to Buenos Aires and other destinations in Argentina. My approach is totally personalized, which ensures the planning of the best customized trips, as noted by many of my satisfied customers on their testimonials.
For a very reasonable fee, I will provide all my expertise to help you make your trip memorable, from planning a customized itinerary and finding the right accommodation, to making reservations for a number of exciting and exclusive tours and special activities, as described below.

Apartment rental hunting: Staying in an apartment is one of the best ways of knowing a city. But searching for an apartment for rent is a time consuming, exhausting task. It is also hard to make a decision without knowing the different locations, especially in a city like Buenos Aires, where every neighborhood has its own features and character, noisy streets and unsafe areas. I can do the search for you, according to your needs and preferences. As a local, I know which the best locations are. After a careful selection of the best apartments available that suit all your requirements, I will send you their details so you can decide. I will save you hours and hours of searching on internet.

    Hotel Reservations: I can help in the selection of the best hotels in Buenos Aires and other destinations in Argentina, according to your budget and level of comfort desired, from Luxury to mid-range, and including some of the most charming boutique hotels.

    Customized trips to other destinations in Argentina: Bariloche, Mendoza, Iguazu Falls, Patagonia, and the North West. Flight tickets, Hotel reservations and excursions, provided by one of the leading incoming Travel Agencies in Argentina, customized according to each traveler´s interests.

    Additional Concierge Services:
    • Airport and city transfers with private vehicles and the most reliable drivers.
    • Tickets for concerts, theater plays, opera performances, sports events.
    • Logistics for TV and Film crews
    • Spanish Lessons
    • Tango Lessons
    • Relocating to Buenos Aires assistance, and Legal advisory with contracts and Real Estate investments in Argentina.
    • English speaking Nannies and Babysitters


    I can also arrange for appointments and make reservations for the following tours and activities, all of them provided by an excellent group of licensed professional experts, guides, tour operators and local travel agencies:

    City Tours and Day Trips: reservations for private or group City Tours, Walking Tours, Bike City Tours, Day Trips outside the city to Delta del Tigre, Milonga Tours, Jewish Tour, and much, much more!
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    "Off the beaten path" Shopping Tour - *Exclusive of batravelguide.com*
    My exclusive shopping tours allow guests to visit small neighborhood stores, private apartments, showrooms or workshops they would never reach on their own. Visitors have the opportunity not only of buying exclusive and original items by local designers, but also meeting with the artists and creators. Included in the tour are:
    • Signature Jewels. Unique pieces by Argentinian designers.
    • Limited edition designer shoes.
    • Quality leather purses and bags.
    • Typical arts and crafts from different Argentine regions.
    • Artworks by some of the most renowned contemporary Argentinian artists.
    • Hand loomed throws, rugs, textiles and decorative objects.
    I can also escort you on a shopping spree at the top level Argentine factories with unbeatable prices and the best quality, for:
    • Leather jackets
    • Tango shoes
    • Horseback riding gear
    • Polo equipment (saddles, boots, mallets, knee pads, helmets)

    Daily Polo Lessons, Polo Clinics, and Polo Vacations: Reservations for daily Polo Lessons at one of the Polo Clubs outside Buenos Aires, where you can also attend a polo match every day of the year and learn about the basics of this fascinating sport.
    For advanced players, lessons and lodging for extended stays and Polo Clinics at some of the best Polo Clubs, according to your budget and riding skill level. Instructors are professional Polo Players. Typical programs consist of one hour polo lesson in the morning, stick and ball, and practice games. All meals are included.

    The Equestrian Experience Tour - *Exclusive of batravelguide.com*
    Horses play a very special role in Argentine traditions, and there are equestrian activities in and around the city almost every day of the year. Our exclusive Equestrian Experience Tour, led by a knowledgeable guide, is especially designed for equestrian sports lovers.
    Attend one of the matches in the Argentine Polo Calendar, watching the best Polo players in the world in action at the “Cathedral of Polo”, the Palermo Polo Field, or at one of the fabulous polo clubs located outside the city; Visit Palermo or San Isidro, the two most important race tracks in South America;  enjoy a show jumping or dressage tournament at one of the riding clubs in Buenos Aires; and any other equestrian event available depending on the season or your travel dates. All tours will be tailored according to every visitor´s special interests.

    One-to-one horseback riding lessons: Just 30 minutes away from Buenos Aires city, you can enjoy this horseback riding experience, learning and having fun. At a unique forest reserve, you can be in touch with nature riding throughout thousands of acres of a paradisaical landscape.

    Estancia Day Trips: Enjoy a country day outside the city, at one of the typical and traditional Estancias (ranches) and fantastic country estates, learning about the traditions of the gauchos and their skills. Taste a fantastic Argentinian “asado” (barbecue), and enjoy the folk shows, outdoor activities, horseback riding, polo lessons, or just take a day out of the city to relax in the quiet countryside atmosphere of the pampas. Night stays are also available. More info+

    Football Soccer Experience: seats, transfers and bilingual tour guide included throughout the game to experience the thrill of attending a football match in Buenos Aires.
    See the 2015 Football Soccer Calendar.

    Wine Tastings: The Wine Tastings include sampling of several wines from boutique wineries in Mendoza and other Argentine regions, paired with the perfect food, at their exclusive space in Palermo. The wine tasting includes:
    - Tasting of 5 limited production wines, from boutique wineries in Mendoza and other Argentinian provinces.
    - Each of the tasted wines is accompanied by 5 "tapas" specially paired with each wine.
    - The tasting is complemented with a friendly talk about Argentina, terroir, wine tourism, etc..

    Gastronomic "Parrilla Tour":  join our culinary tour of the city, to experience and taste authentic PorteƱo flavors, to discover local hole-in-the wall restaurants, learn about Argentina’s culture and cuisine, and meet others during the relaxed and social tour.
    What’s Included:
    Walking tour of 3 different local and authentic parrillas
    Enjoying traditional parrilla foods in each and enjoy excellent Argentine wine
    English explanations of the food sampled along with the history of the neighborhood.

    The Argentine  Experience: The Argentine Experience is designed to give you an introduction to the best of Argentine cuisine and culture. It is not only a cooking class, but a fun and unique experience, where you will meet and dine with people from all over the world.
    Create your own empanada learning the traditional ‘repulgue’ technique, while enjoying grilled provoleta cheese with sliced chorizo sausage. Use your imagination in Argentina’s first and only empanada competition.
    Enjoy the very best steak in Argentina, cooked to order and accompanied with velvety mash potatoes and oven roasted vegetables. Vegetarian, pescetarian and celiac options are available on request.
    Learn about and enjoy unlimited wine throughout the dinner. For desert make your own alfajores, Argentina’s national sweet. Finally, get taught about the history and etiquette of mate, Argentina’s national pastime, and prepare it from scratch among yourselves.

    Tango Shows: I will make reservations for you for the most renowned and dazzling Tango Shows in Buenos Aires, with or without dinner, always including drinks and transportation from/to hotel, as well as optional tango lessons.

    Don´t hesitate to contact me to inquire about any of these services, or anything else you may need to ask.

    Contact me or Email me: sandra@batravelguide.com

    For references, read My Customers' Feedback


    1. Hi Sandra,
      We expect that visitors to Buenos Aires will find you to be an excellent resource for assistance with any arrangements they may require. After meeting you, we feel confident that you are knowledgeable, charming, enthusiastic, efficient and eager to ensure that the visitor will enjoy a memorable Buenos Aires experience. All the best!
      Don and Linda

    2. Anonymous8/03/2008

      Thank you Sandra for your many free consultations regarding my plans to retire to Buenos Aires from Miami. Not once did you hesitate to share your valuable experiences and insights. I had no idea that you had this web site or that you provided these services for a professional fee. This is what is known as altruism,folks. Rest assured Sandra,that if I'm able to resettle there I will be hiring your company for much need assistance.

      Kindest regards,
      Geoffrey Nolan

    3. After moving to Buenos Aires, my husband and I would probably still be wandering around, getting lost every day, without the excellent advice and help from you, Sandra.
      Muchas gracias,
      H and Candice

    4. Dear Sandra,
      Just a note to tell you that I really love your website and your tips on things to do or places to go. We have moved here a few months ago and I have done or visited many things I have read on your blog. You make my life a lot more fun here!
      Thank you!!!
      katti, Buenos Aires.

    5. Dear Sandra,

      First and foremost, thank you for your detailed blog. It serves as a great real-time resource for those of us traveling to BsAs. Thank you for your hard work!
      We have safely returned from South America and your website was invaluable when we were making our plans.

      I just wanted to thank you again for putting forth such a great resource and for getting back to us when we needed your help. Good luck in all of your endeavors, and I hope to use your site again shortly! :D

      Warm regards,

    6. After much searching, your blog was the only place I could find any information regarding the Carnaval in Buenos Aires. There are 6 of us traveling for our first time to Argentina in two weeks, and I have been trying to find ANYTHING about the upcoming events while we are there, and you are the only one with any information!

      Thank you so much, and I will be recommending your website to anyone that is planning any travel to BA.



    7. I just wanted to say THANKS ALOT!

      I’m from The Netherlands, but not exactly a Tourist in Argentina - I moved to Buenos Aires over a year ago. However, since then, your blog has been the only place I’ve ever checked for things to do. It is so complete, I’ve never needed anything else. It has all the events, with such detailed information! And you’ve never been wrong about any of it J

      So on behalf of me, and all my friends that I’ve surprised with events they had never heard about (but I did, thanks to you), THANK YOU!

      Best regards,

    8. Allison9/30/2013

      I just wanted to write to tell you what a great blog you have. I've lived in BsAs for 7 years and haven't found another source that highlights events around the city as well as you do. So please don't stop posting!

      Thanks again,


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