The pink lapacho announces the arrival of Spring in Buenos Aires

7:00 PM Sandra Gutrejde Suarez 5 Comments

This is one of the most famous trees in Buenos Aires. It's a pink "lapacho", a tree native from the North-West of Argentina. This magnificent specimen was planted by landscaper Martin Ezcurra on the corner of Ave. Figueroa Alcorta and Mariscal Castilla, in Palermo Chico, and every year announces the arrival of Spring with an explosion of pink flowers. This ephemeral spectacle lasts only a few days, so those who are in Buenos Aires make sure not to miss it. There are other specimens in Buenos Aires, but this is the most spectacular. I invite you to admire it:

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  1. Beautiful! Spring looks like a great time to visit Buenos Aires.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about this. I went and took pictures and did a write up about this tree of my own. I need to learn more about Martin Ezcurra. I've been learning about Carlos Thays who is obviously the most well known landscape artist in Argentina as he designed almost everything. But it looks like Sr Ezcurra had a good eye for where to plant the trees and how they would shape the city.

  3. Hi Beatrice, thanks. It's a pity the flowers last so little time. I don't know much about Martin Ezcurra neither.
    There's a famous Argentinian historian, Felix Luna, that used to announce the blooming of the lapacho in a letter to La Nacion newspaper every year. He just wrote "El lapacho de Ezcurra ha florecido".

  4. Anonymous11/05/2009

    I am very sad to mention that Mr. Felix Luna just passed away. Mr. Luna was 83 and a true lover of this lapacho. We will miss his annual announcements of the explosion of color brought to us every spring.

  5. Yes very sad news. Thanks for your comment.