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Record Store Night 2012

The record stores of Buenos Aires will remain open during the night of Thursday, October 25th, 2012, in the 4th Record Store Night (Noche de las Disquerías) an event similar to the "Record Store Day" celebrated in different cities around the world.
There will be three circuits to enjoy free live shows and important discounts at the participating music stores:


Ziivals – Av. Callao 395
6:00 pm: Seba Ibarra
6:30 pm: Lapsus!: swing, jazz, ukelele and hawaian music
7:00 pm: Fernando Goin: Jazz, blues and folk.
7:30 pm: Paloma del Cerro: folklore
8:00 pm: Daniel Drexler:
20% discount on CDs and DVDs.

Musimundo – Av. Corrientes 1753
8:30 pm: Marcela Morelo.
30% discount purchasing 3 or more CDs or DVDs.

El Perseguidor – Av. Corrientes 1718
7:30 pm: Oscar Miranda. Folklore
10:00 pm: Mariano Montes: Tango
Discounts up to 20% in Argentine music.

Ultra Bar – San Martín 678
Live shows from 7:00 pm: Francisco Bochaton, Flopa, Bodie, Rendo y Ultraliviano.
A free drink for every record purchased.

Other music stores offering discounts and promotions: El agujerito (Maipú 971 – Galería del Este – Local 10); Bayres Music (Av. Callao 687); Silbando discos (Av. Corrientes 1543); CDisquería (Av. Corrientes 1274); Magimúsica (Av. Corrientes 1644); La cueva musical (Esmeralda 494), Oíd Mortales (Av. Corrientes 1145 – Local 7), Tempo de Obelisco (Av. Corrientes 1131).

Circus shows along Avenida Corrientes


Notorious – Av. Callao 966.
6:oo pm: Silvina Moreno.
7:30 pm: Luis Saltos
8:30 pm: Barbie Martínez jazz

Galería Bond Street – Av. Santa Fe 1670
The Anthology – Local 7: Live Shows from 7:00 pm: Richard Coleman and Valle de Muñecas.
Thor – Local 51: 20% discount in Argentine music.


RGS Music - Av. Corrientes 5233 Local 2
6:00 pm: David Chorne.
6:30 pm: César Pavón y su vagón.
7:00 pm: Refasi.
7:30 pm: La Cosa Mostra.
8:00 pm: Lucas Martí.
8:30 pm: Enero será mío.
9:00 pm: Ignacia.
9:30 hs: CLOSING with Diego Frenkel.
20% discount on the whole catalog.

Compakta Ultra. J. Salguero 2656. Local 7
8:00 pm: Panda Elliot.

Miles. Honduras 4912
8:00 pm: Loli Molina.

Mercurio. Av Santa Fe 2729. Primer piso. Local 42
8:00 pm: La Yegros.

Other music stores offering discounts and promotions: Zivals (Serrano 1446), Rock´N Freud (Arenales 3337 Local 2), Tempo de Borges (Borges 1666), Piccolo y Saxo (Av. Santa Fe 3591).

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