Visiting Buenos Aires with kids

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Buenos Aires is a child friendly city. Here are some recommendations on what to do with small kids in the city.

Except for very fancy restaurants, most restaurants in Buenos Aires welcome children. Argentine families use to eat out very often, even until the very late hours of the night. Many restaurants offer kid's menus (“menu infantil”) at a fixed price, that usually include pasta, or the traditional “milanesa con papas fritas” (breaded meat with French fries), which is Argentine children´s favorite dish.


Japanese Garden: This is a great place for children and adults alike. There´s a playground for children, and they will have the chance to feed the koy fish in the ponds, with the fish food sold at the kiosks. More info.

Plaza Francia, Recoleta: On weekends, there are free performances for children in the park, like clowns, magicians, or puppet shows. At the crafts fair there are lots of hand-made toys on sale: puppets, wooden puzzles, mobiles, musical instruments, as well as dolls, jewelry, bags, scarves, for girls of all ages.

Ecological reserve: located at Puerto Madero neighborhood, this is a protected piece of land by the river, where you will have the chance to see some wild animals at their natural habitat, like otters, turtles, and many kinds of birds. There are also bicycles for rent at the entrance of the park. More info>>.

Eco Parque Buenos Aires: the former Buenos Aires zoo, that has been transformed in an ecological park. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday and Holidays, from 11.00 am to 6:00 pm, with free entrance for all the public. Access through Av. Santa Fe & Sarmiento or Av. del Libertador & Sarmiento. More info>>

Frigate President Sarmiento and Corvette Uruguay (photo below): These two old navy vessels, anchored at Puerto Madero, were the training ships of Argentine navy. They both contain a navy museum each, and old navy artifacts. They can be visited Thursday to Saturday, from 10 AM to 6 PM.


Museo Participativo de Ciencias: Located at Recoleta Cultural Center, the motto of this science museum is “Forbidden NOT to touch”. Ideal for children between 5 and 10 years of age. More info>>

Natural History Museum: The highlights of this museum are the giant dinosaurs in exhibition. There's also a very nice aquarium. More info>>

Children´s Museum "Museo de los Niños Abasto": An interactive museum for small children (ideally 2 - 6), where kids can participate in city life activities like a TV station, a supermarket, bank, doctor´s office, construction site, fast food restaurant, and many others. More info>>

Shopping malls:
You can find playgrounds and arcades with electronic games for children at Paseo Alcorta, Alto Palermo, and Abasto Shopping Malls. The latter is the biggest of all, with bumping cars, little trains, and even a giant Ferris Wheel.

Book stores:
The children´s section of bookstores like Yenny or Cuspide allow children to touch and pick all the books they want. There´s a good selection of books in English and Spanish. While children are playing, parents can have a coffee while reading a book as well.

Children's shows:
Especially during school winter holidays (late July - early August), there is a great offer of theater shows for kids. They are in Spanish of course, but some of them are musical shows that can be enjoyed even without knowing the language.

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