Gallery Day - October 2016

Gallery, the original circuit for art lovers around art galleries, antique shops, museums and cultural centers, presents a new special edition of Gallery Day, that will take place in the neighborhoods of Palermo and Villa Crespo on Saturday, October 1st, 2016, from 12 pm to 5 pm.

The Palermo-Villa Crespo circuit covers the area surrounded by the streets of Dorrego, Av. Santa Fé, Lavalleja and Gascón, with more than 30 art spaces that will open their doors to show the latest works of their artists.

There is a free transportation service with buses with the logo of "Gallery Nights", with fixed stops and a constant route to get to all of the spots in the circuit. A free walking tour around the most outstanding exhibitions will start at 12.30 pm from the meeting point at Espacio Pla, on Malabia 1841.

As always, there will be live music and free shows, and guests will be welcomed with a complimentary glass of champagne or premium beers. Maps will be provided to the public so they can visit their favorite galleries and exhibitions at their own pace.

This event is totally free of charge.
For maps and information on participating galleries: Gallery website.

Polo: 2016 Tortugas Country Club Open Polo Championship

The fixture for the traditional Tortugas Country Club Open Polo Championship has been announced. This is the first of the three great Polo Open Championships in the Official Spring Season of the Argentine Polo Association that make up the honorable "Triple Crown" of Argentine Polo, together with the 123rd Hurlingham Club Open and the 123rd Argentine Open in Palermo that will be played later this year.

Tortugas Open will kick off on Tuesday, September 27h, 2016, with the participation of the six teams with the highest handicap in the world, that will be disputing the Emilio de Anchorena Cup,

Participating Teams:

League A
La Dolfina: Adolfo Cambiaso Jr 10, David Stirling Jr 10, Pablo Mac Donough 10, Juan Martín Nero 10. Total: 40.
La Aguada Las Monjitas: Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8, Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr 9, Miguel Novillo Astrada 9, Ignacio Novillo Astrada 9. Total: 35.
El Paraiso: Agustín Merlos 9, Ignacio Toccalino 9, Ignacio Heguy 9, Santiago Toccalino 8. Total 35.

League B
Ellerstina: Pablo Pieres 10, Facundo Pieres 10, Gonzalo Pieres Jr 10, Nicolás Pieres 9. Total: 39
Alegría: Guillermo Caset 10, Hilario Ulloa 10, Lucas Monteverde Jr 9, Frederick Mannix Jr 8. Total: 37.
Washington: Diego Cavanagh 8, Ezequiel Martinez F 8, Facundo Sola. 8, Alfredo Capella B 9. Total: 34.

Fixture of matches (results in red):

Tuesday, September 27 (Match 1) - League A
1:00 pm: La Aguada Las Monjitas 11 vs El Paraiso 10

Tuesday, September 27 (Match 2) - League B 
3. 30 pm: Alegria 12 vs Washington 11

Saturday, October 1 (Match 3) - League A
3:30 pm: La Dolfina vs El Paraiso

Sunday, October 2  (Match 4) - League B
3:30 pm: Ellerstina vs Washington

Saturday, October 8 (Match 5) - League A
3:30 pm: La Dolfina vs La Aguada Las Monjitas

Sunday, October 9 (Match 6) - League B
3:30 pm: Ellerstina vs Alegria

Saturday,  October 15 - FINAL 
Winner League A vs Winner League B

The schedule is subject to change depending on weather conditions. Check on this post online for updates in case of rain.

All matches will be played on the fields of Tortugas Country Club, Ruta Panamericana Ramal Pilar km. 38.5.

Don´t miss the opportunity of attending this world class event and experience Polo the Argentine way. Contact me so I can arrange transportation for you (at least 24 hours in advance) or a full Polo package.

Buenos Aires celebrates Kosher food and traditions

As part of the Rosh Hashanah celebrations, the government of the city of Buenos Aires organizes a Fair celebrating Kosher traditions that will be held on Sunday, September 25th, 2016, from 12 noon, at Plaza Uruguay, Av. Figueroa Alcorta & Tagle, with more than 50 stands offering a wide selection of products like books, crafts, paintings, and information about community activities, tourism, and Jewish shows.
There will be stands offering typical dishes from the traditional European and Mid-Eastern Jewish gastronomy, like knishes, shawarma, falafel, pastrami and bagles, and many other options in kosher food and information on Kosher hotels in the city.
Musical shows will be presented in the big stage.

The event will be suspended in case of rain.
Free entrance

Immigrants Day Celebration 2016

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires celebrates Immigrant´s Day with an open air Festival at the park Facundo Quiroga, opposite the Rose Garden and next to the Planetarium Galileo Galilei (Av. Sarmiento & Figueroa Alcorta), on Saturday, September 24, 2016.
Groups representing the different communities that reside in the city of Buenos Aires will offer their typical dances, gastronomy and culture, in an event for the whole family.
The celebrations will start at 1.00 pm.
This year the Festival will be organized in sectors that will represent the different continents, and within each sector there will be villages that will showcase the culture of the countries in each continent.
Dance and music shows by numerous artists from over 50 communities will be presented throughout the day.
There will be stands offering typical crafts, regional products, and traditional food and drinks.

Italian Festival Al Dente 2016

The fourth edition of the gastronomic, artistic and cultural festival "Al Dente! Día de la Italianidad en Argentina" will be held on Sunday, September 25th, 2016, from 10 am to 7 pm, in the neighborhood of Colegiales, with free access to the public.
"Al Dente!" is a celebration of the Italian gastronomy, that also features cultural, artistic and musical activities. This year the Festival will be held on Av. Dorrego and Enrique Martínez, next to the Flea Market in the neighborhood of Colegiales.
During the whole day the neighborhood will be intervened to celebrate its Italian roots. Communal tables, activities for kids, food trucks, the "Bondi Gallery", market stalls offering Italian-Argentinian products are some of the attractions of Festival Al Dente!
Musical shows will be presented during the day, as well as special offers at the Italian restaurants around Palermo Hollywood.