Polo: Triple Crown and XTreme Polo League dates 2019

The Argentine Polo Association (AAP) has announced the Schedule of the main tournaments in the Official 2019 Spring Polo Season. The program includes the three most important Polo tournaments worldwide, which make up the prestigious Triple Crown of Polo with the participation of players with the highest handicaps in the world: Tortugas Country Club OpenHurlingham Club Open; and the world-class Argentine Open Championship, played every year at the Cathedral of Polo in Palermo.

This year will also be the debut of the Xtreme Polo League (XPL), the first completely professional league, a tournament with its own rules designed to offer more attractive and intense games, with 12 franchises from from different countries. The teams will have a maximum of 34 goals and up to 2 players with the maximum handicap. The first tournament will be played in Argentina this year, and for 2020 four tournaments around the world are confirmed: Palm Beach (USA), England, Sotogrande or France, and the great final in Argentina. Each team will play at least two events abroad and the final in Argentina.

The most important championships in the 2019 AAP Spring Polo Season are:

August 31 to September 7

September 11 - 21

September 21 to October 5

Emilio de Anchorena Cup
Organized by Tortugas Country Club. Tortuguitas (Province of Buenos Aires)
October 8 - 19

The Ayrshire Cup
Organized by Hurlingham Club. Hurlingham (Province of Buenos Aires)
October 22 to November 9

Organized by Argentine Polo Association (Palermo Polo Field)
November 16 to December 14

November 20 to December 13

Schedule subject to modifications. Please check periodically on this post online for updates on exact dates and additional matches.

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Buenos Aires celebrates Israel

As part of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, the government of the city of Buenos Aires presents the festival Buenos Aires Celebrates Israel, that will be held on Sunday, June 2nd, 2019, from 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm, on Av. Iraola y Montt (next to Av. del Libertador & Av. Sarmiento and the Rose Garden), with typical food, music, dance, and activities for the whole family.

There will be stands offering typical dishes from the traditional Israeli and Mid-Eastern gastronomy, like knishes, shawarma, falafel, hummus, and many other options.

Visitors will have the chance to learn about the work and cultural projects of Israeli organizations, schools, universities and other NGOs.

Musical shows will be presented in the big stage. An Argentine-Israeli couple will dance to tango with lyrics in Spanish and Hebrew, and a local dance group will offer a “Gaga” show, a style created by the Israeli choreographer Ohan Naharin, among other artists.

Free entrance.
In case of rain the event will be held on June 16th in the same location.

French Street Market in Recoleta - June 2019

On Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, June 2nd, 2019, from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, another edition of the authentic French Market called "Le Marché" will be installed at Plaza Francia, on Av. Del Libertador between Dr. Luis Agote & Av. Pueyrredón.

Over 25 gastronomic stalls run by some of the most renowned French chefs and restaurants in Argentina will be offering their special dishes characteristic of the French cuisine, such as boeuf bourguignon, carbonade flamande, crêpes, raclette, quiches, onion soup. Visitors will have the chance to taste and purchase French bakeries and different specialties, like macarons, croissants, éclairs, croque-monsieur, pains au chocolat, crème brûlée, tarte Tatin, Paris-Brest, and much more!

There will be a sector dedicated to French produce, like artisan cheese, cold cuts, bread, mustard, jams, among many other delicacies.

Live French music shows, talks, tastings and activities for kids will be presented during the weekend.

Free entrance
May be suspended in case of rain

Gallery Day June 2019

Gallery, the original circuit for art lovers around art galleries, antique shops, museums and cultural centers, presents a new special edition of Gallery Day, that will take place in the neighborhoods of Palermo and Villa Crespo on Saturday, June 1st, 2019, from 3 pm to 7 pm.

The Palermo-Villa Crespo circuit covers the area surrounded by Ravignani, Ramírez de Velazco, Av. Estado de Israel, Gascón, Lavalleja and Plaza Italia., with more than 25 art spaces that will open their doors to show the latest works of their artists.

As always, there will be live music shows, and guests will be welcomed with a complimentary glass of champagne or premium beers. Maps will be provided to the public so they can visit their favorite galleries and exhibitions at their own pace.

Visitors can get information and be oriented about the different self guided routes at these art spaces:
Gachi Prieto Arte Contemporáneo, Uriarte 1373
ARTE X ARTE, Lavalleja 1062
Espacio Soler, Soler 5072

Free guided tour with specialized guides:

° Departure 3.00 pm from Espacio Soler (Soler 5072), visiting: Dain Usina Cultural, Nayart, Lumbral, Centro Cultural Tekeyan, A. Budich, Siete de Autor

° Departure 3.30 pm from Siete de Autor (Gurruchaga 1060), visiting: Budich, Arte x Arte, Espacio Ftalo, Casa R. Walsh, Nayart, Espacio Soler, Cristina Dartiguelongue.

° Departure 4:00 pm from Bolmani Modern Art (Honduras 5550 oficina 202), visiting: Granada Gallery, Gachi Prieto, Nora Fisch, Ruth Benzacar, Finishes at Revolver with an After Gallery.

From 7.00 pm at REVOLVER. Dr. Luis Belaustegui 732, closing of the event with a DJ Set and art performance.

This event is totally free of charge.
For maps and information on participating galleries visit Gallery Day website.

Buenos Aires celebrates the Argentine regions

Puente de la Mujer

On Sunday, May 26th, 2019, the Fair of the Argentine Regions will be held at Puente de la Mujer in Puerto Madero, from 12 pm to 9 pm, with the participation of over 100 small producers and the representation of all the provinces from all over the country. This celebration will be part of the inauguration of Paseo del Bajo, the new highway that will run from North to South along Puero Madero.

Visitors will find stands selling crafts, wines and beers, chocolate, jams, cold meats, diary, yerba mate, olives, among many other traditional national products, and a food court sector offering typical dishes from all the Argentine Regions at accessible prices, including empanadas from different provinces, parrilla, ice cream, Andean food, and much more.

The Festival will also feature an exhibition of historical and antique cars.

In addition, a varied selection of local artists will present music and dance shows throughout the day, finishing with a big closing show by Los Pericos.

The access will be through Alicia Moreau de Justo 1140, corner Macacha Güemes, and Alicia Moreau de Justo 250 (200 meters before Grierson).

May be suspended for rain

Gluten Free Fair - May 2019 edition

A new edition of "Feria Sin TACC", the Food Fair completely dedicated to gluten free products will be held on Saturday, May 11th and Sunday, May 12th of 2019 at the Palermo Woods, on Av. Sarmiento & Iraola, next to the Rose Garden, from 11 am to 6 pm.

The Fair will be divided into two sectors:

Market: 40 stalls offering oil, spices, marmalade, jams, infusions, soft drinks, delicatessen, diary, bread, fruits and vegetables, pasta, snacks, nuts, cold cuts, cereals and grains, cookies, juices, preserves, flour, frozen food, soups.

Food court: Stands and food trucks offering prepared food to go or to enjoy at the communal tables, including sushi, meat, pasta, author dishes, vegetarian options, ethnic food, among many other options. The stalls will be run by restaurants and cooks with a vast experience in the elaboration of gluten free food.

In case of rain the Fair may be suspended.

Art&Swap, the most original art show from Belgium in Argentina

ART&SWAP is the art exhibition where works are exchanged for goods or services. This year's exhibition, called Ciudad Natural will be held from May 17th to May 19th, 2019 at MARQ (Museo de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires - Av. del Libertador 999 @ Callao), with a selection of artworks by Argentinian and Belgian artists, combinming art, nature and architecture.

This original event comes from Brussels, Belgium. Their organizers have decided to replicate the proposal in Argentina with the name of Art&Swap, under the curatorship of Helena Heukeshoven. The event brings together renowned and emerging artists from both countries that exhibit their creations and offer them in exchange for goods or services. Upon entering the exhibition, visitors receive a small Post-it block. Those interested in a work of art leave a note with their proposal of goods or services that are willing to offer in return. At the end of the exhibition, the artist chooses the best offer to exchange for his or her work.

Selected artists:
From Belgium:
Erika Schillebeeckx (Krjst) - Geoffroy Mottart (photo) - Justine de Moriamé (Krjst) - Michel Couturier - Nils Verkaeren.
From Argentina: Agustina Chalupowicz - Agustina Ocampo - Ana Casanova - Andrea Alkalay - Andres Agosin (MONK) - Arturo Aguiar - Belén Càrcano - Blanca Estela Vivas - Carla Melillo - Daniel Juarez - David Sisso - Emma Herbin - Facundo Quinto - Fer Pietra - Guadalupe Fernandez - Guido Chouela - Jaki charrua - Karina Glocker - Lia Porto - Maria Angela Rivero - Maria Ferrari Hardoy - Maria Martha Pichel - Masako Kano - Pablo Noce - Patricia Miani - Paula Cecchi - Raul Steingart - Rosana Schoijett - Rosario Arias Usandivaras - Santiago Azcuy - Sofia Mele - Vivian Galban.


Friday, May 17
6.00 PM - 10.00 PM: Inauguration to the public with tasting of Belgian gastronomic products and live music.
Saturday, May 18
11.00 AM - 7.00 PM: Ciudad Natural Exhibit. Belgian gastronomic food court.
5.30 PM: Cello, guitar and Sax Trio at the Marq (registration online).
Sunday, May 19
11 AM - 7.00 PM: Ciudad Natural Exhibit. Belgian gastronomic food court.
2.00 PM: Performance by Ikebana accompanied by a cello solo by maestro Nestor Tedesco (registration online).

Interventions in the City:
ART&SWAP will also be present at five parks in the City, with interventions by Geoffroy Mottart on six monuments by Belgian sculptors.

Thursday, May 16
10:00 AM: Plaza del Congreso (Av. Entre Rios y Av. Rivadavia). First intervention by Geoffroy Mottart on the Monumento de los dos Congresos (Belgian sculpture Jules Laglae, 1914)
Friday, May 17
10:00 AM: CCK (Viamonte y Leandro N. Alem) Intervention on the monument to Samuel Morse (Belgian sculptor Louis Bruninx, 1915)
11:00 AM: Fine Arts Museum (Av. del Libertador y Av. Pueyrredon). Intervention on the sculptures Reaper and Sower (Belgian sculpture Constantin Meunier, 1896)
Saturday, May 18
10:00 AM: Plaza Bélgica (Ramón Castilla y Alejandro M de Aguado, Palermo). Intervention on the sculpture "Huiselijke zorgen" (Belgian sculptor Rik Wouters, 1913)
11:00 AM: National Library (Aguero 2502). Intervention on the bust of Jose Marmol (Belgian sculptor Louis Bruninx, 1939).

All the events with FREE ENTRANCE to the public.

Buenos Aires Food Week - May 2019

Buenos Aires Food Week, the bi-annual event in which the best restaurants in the city offer lunch and dinner menus at promotional prices, will be held again from May 6th through May 19th of 2019 (previous week for Mastercard Argentina cardholders only).

The goal of this Food Week is democratizing access to haute-cuisine, offering the general public the opportunity to discover new restaurants and taste unique dishes at attractive prices.

Each restaurant will offer a fixed three step menu (starter, main course and dessert) with a fixed price of $400 Pesos for lunch and $680 Pesos for dinner, not including drinks, service charge, or tip, + an optional donation in a sealed envelope to the charity organization Fundación Banco de Alimentos.

Furthermore all the restaurants will offer a complimentary Aperol Spritz aperitif to each person that orders the Buenos Aires Food Week menu.

The 38 restaurants that participate in this edition are:
1. Aldo´s Restoran Vinoteca San Telmo
2. Aldo´s Restoran Vinoteca Palermo
3. Bahia Madero
4. Bis
5. Brasserie Petanque
6. Cabernet
7. Casa del Este
8. Club 31 Bar & Resto
9. Cucina Donore
10. Cohiba Atmosphere
11. Dashi House
12. El Quinto Belgrano
13. Fabric al Rio
14. Fabric Nikkei Palermo
15. Fabric Sushi Acassuso
16. Green Bamboo
17. Happening Puerto Madero
18. Komyun
19. La Causa Nikkei Palermo
20. La Causa Nikkei Recoleta
21. La Panadería de Pablo
22. La Pescadorita
23. Le Grill
24. Mizuki
25. Namida Nikkei
26. Novecento Cañitas
27. Oporto Almacén
28. Paru Deli Palermo
29. Paru Deli Olivos
30. Puerta del Inca
31. Puerto Cristal
32. Rufino Argentino
33. Sagardi Cocineros Vascos
34. Sorrento Recova
35. Sorrento Puerto Madero
36. The Brick Kitchen
37. Ureña
38. Villegras Restó

To see the complete list of restaurants and their menus, and for online reservations, visit Buenos Aires Food Week website.

Some restaurants offer lunch or dinner menu only. Check the conditions of participation of every restaurant before making a reservation.
If places are left available, people may also attend the restaurant of their choice directly without reservation.
Payments can be made in cash, debit card, or credit card at the end of the meal.

Buenos Aires City Tango Dance Championship 2019

The 2019 Buenos Aires City Tango Dance Championship will be held at different "milongas" and cultural centers across the city from Wednesday, May 8th through Sunday, May 19th of  2019.

The competition is on the look out for new winning couples in the categories Tango de Pista, "Milongueros" of the World, and Waltz, who will qualify to participate in the World Tango Dance Championship that will take place in Buenos Aires in August 2019.

The Qualifying rounds start on May 8th at Centro Cultural Julián Centeya (Av. San Juan 3255), with free admission. From Thursday, May 9th the competition will continue with qualifying rounds every day at the different Milongas and Cultural Centers across the city.

Schedule and venues:

Qualifying rounds:
Wednesday 8: Espacio Cultural Julián Centeya, Av. San Juan 3255 – 6:00 PM.
Thursday 9: Milonga en lo de Balmaceda, Av. Raúl Scalabrini Ortiz 1331 – 8:30 PM
Friday 10: Yira Yira, Adolfo Alsina 1465 – 8:00 PM
Saturday 11: Espacio Cultural Del Resurgimiento, Gral. José Gervasio de Artigas 2262 – 8:30 PM
Sunday 12: Milonga el Pial, Coronel Ramón Falcón 2750 – 3:00 PM.
Monday 13: El Motivo Tango, Av. Córdoba 5064 – 11:00 PM.
Tuesday 14: Espacio Cultural Carlos Gardel, Olleros 3640 – 6:00 PM
Wednesday 15: La Milonga del Pueblo, Av. Sáenz 459 – 9:30 PM.
Thursday 16: La Viruta, Armenia 1366 – 11:30 PM

Semifinals at Usina del Arte:
Friday 17: Semifinals Milonga & Waltz, from 6:00 PM. Exhibition by Laila Resk & Leandro Oliver.
Saturday 18: Semifinals de Tango de Pista & Milongueros del Mundo, from 6:00 PM. Exhibition by the champions of Tango de Pista 2016, Silvana Prieto & Matías Batista.

Finals at Usina del Arte:
Sunday, May 19: Grand Finale, from 6:00 PM. Show by Alberto Bianco with the guitars of Tony Gallo.

All the events at Usina del Arte and Cultural Centers are free. The cost of admittance to the Milongas depends on the entry the price set by each venue.
Free tickets for the Semifinals and Finals at Usina el Arte will have be reserved online in advance through the Championship's website or through this link.

Click here for more information on venues and complete day by day schedule.

Usina del Arte

Horse Racing: Gran Premio Republica Argentina 2019 and Apetito Gourmet Festival

Hipodromo de Palermo

The "Gran Premio Republica Argentina" (GI), one of the most important classics of the year, will take place on Labor Day Holiday, Wednesday May 1st, 2019. This outstanding 2000-meter race brings together the best 3 years old and older pure thoroughbred horses of the national and foreign equestrian activity.

The Great Prize "Gran Premio Republica Argentina" will be the center of a spectacular racing day that will start at 1:00 pm. Other five big prizes (GI) are included in the day's schedule: Great International Prize of the Americas; Breeders' Prize; Great International Prize of Buenos Aires City; Great Prize Jorge de Atucha; and the Great Prize Montevideo.

This fantastic day will feature different activities for the whole family, such as:

° Historic tour: learn about the history and architecture of one of the most emblematic sites in the city of Buenos Aires. The tours start at 1:30 PM, 3:00 PM, 4:30 PM, and 6:00 PM from the Stand at the door of Rabieta.
° Train to the Start Line: a little train will take visitors near the gates to see the start of the races up close. From 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
° "Sustainable" Hat Show and Fair will be held from 12 pm to 6 pm, where ladies will be able to purchase their hats to wear during the day. The proceedings are in benefit of EcoMujeres, a foundation dedicated to promote sustainable design. Closing by Maximiliano Guerra's Dance School.
° Special sector with games for kids.

At the same time, a new edition of the Gourmet Festival “Apetito” will take place on Wednesday, May 1st, Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th, from 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM, at Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo.

The best cooks and beer brewers will get together in the parking lot of Tribuna Paddock, with entrance through Av. Dorrego and Av. Libertador, with more than 30 food trucks offering hamburgers, crepes, pulled, pork, bagels, Mexican food, empanadas, fish, vegetarian food, pizzas, smoothies, hot dogs, ice cream, coffee, artisan beer, and more!

All the events with free entrance to the public.
The gourmet festival may be canceled in case of rain.
Hipodromo de Palermo is located on Av. del Libertador & Dorrego.