Open House Buenos Aires 2019

Palacio de Aguas Corrientes

Open House Buenos Aires, the festival of architecture and urban planning of the city of Buenos Aires, will take place this year on Saturday, November 9th and Sunday, November 10th, 2019. An open house weekend at those buildings that cause admiration and curiosity.  Buenos Aires was the first Latin American city to adopt the Open House concept in 2013. 

Open House offers the opportunity to enter for free and explore those private or public places that are normally closed to the general public, with the help of volunteers who generously give their time to accompany and comment on the tours. This year more than 100 buildings selected for their architectural heritage and cultural value and which usually can not be accessed freely will be open to the public.

Some buildings require previous registration. Registration starts on October 22nd, at 10 AM BA time, through this link:

Select the building with INSCRIPCION ONLINE you want to visit and click on INSCRIBITE AL EDIFICIO DESDE EVENTBRITE.

The spaces are limited and the maximum is 3 selected buildings each day. An ID will be requested without exception in order to enter the buildings on the day of the event.

Most of the buildings do not require previous registration, but in order to secure entrance it is recommend to arrive as early as possible.

There are some additional free activities during the weekend, like bike tours, Open Foto, City Walks, and Open Muro.

For more information visit Open House Buenos Aires website.

Planetario Galileo Galilei

Palacio Municipal

Museo de Arte Decorativo - Palacio Errázuriz

Polo: The 2019 Argentine Open Championship

The most important polo tournament in the world, the Argentine Polo Open Championship (Abierto Argentino de Polo), or simply "El Abierto", will kick off on Saturday, November 16th, 2019, with its thrilling Final to be played on December 14th. This tournament, held every year at the Cathedral of Polo, the Campo Argentino de Polo in Palermo (Av. del Libertador & Dorrego), brings together the best polo players in the world, and it is one of the oldest and most prestigious events in the international polo calendar. It´s also one of the main social events in Buenos Aires, with it's famous "after polo" and musical shows every night.

Tickets are on sale through Allaccess. Tickets may also be available on the same day of each match at the stadium's box office, but the Semifinal and Final dates may get sold out in advance.

Don´t miss the opportunity of attending this world class event. Contact me through this Contact Form to inquire about the special VIP HOSPITALITY PACKAGES; our EXCLUSIVE POLO DAY EXPERIENCE with a specialized guide, or if you need help getting your tickets in advance.

Participating teams:

League A
La Dolfina: Adolfo Cambiaso 10, David Stirling 10, Pablo Mac Donough 10, Juan Martín Nero 10. Total: 40.
La Dolfina Polo Ranch: Diego Cavanagh 8, Juan Britos 8, Guillermo Terrera 8, Alejo Taranco 8. Total: 32.
La Aguada: Lucas Díaz Alberdi 7, Alfredo Bigatti 8, Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8, Ignacio Novillo Astrada 9. Total: 32.
La Ensenada: Juan Gris Zavaleta 8, Juan Martín Zubía 8, Facundo Fernández Llorente 7, Jeronimo Del Carril 7. Total: 30.
Qualified #1.

League B
Ellerstina: Pablo Pieres 10, Gonzalo Pieres 9, Nicolás Pieres 10, Facundo Pieres 10. Total: 39.
Las Monjitas: Facundo Sola 9, Hilario Ulloa 10, Gillermo Caset 10, Santiago Toccalino 9. Total: 38.
Cría Yatay: Valerio Zubiaurre 8, Cristian Laprida 8, Joaquín Pittaluga 8, Iñaki Laprida 8. Total: 32.
La Albertina: Agustin Merlos 8, Francisco Elizalde 8, Ignacio Toccalino 8, Alfredo Cappella 8. Total: 32.
Qualified #2.

FIXTURE (Results and updates will be published in red):

Date 1 
Saturday, November 16 - League A
2.00 pm: La Ensenada vs. Qualified 1
4.30 pm: La Dolfina Polo Ranch vs. La Aguada
6.00 pm: After Polo

Date 2 
Sunday, November 17 - League B
2.00 pm: La Albertina vs. Qualified 2
4.30 pm: Las Monjitas vs Cria Yatay
6.00 pm: After Polo

Date 3 
Friday, November 22 - League A
2.00 pm: La Dolfina vs Qualified 1
4.30 pm: La Dolfina Polo Ranch vs La Ensenada
6.00 pm: After Polo

Date 4
Saturday, November 23 - League B
2.00 pm: Ellerstina vs Qualified 2
4.30 pm: Las Monjitas vs. La Albertina
6.00 pm: After Polo

Date 5
Tuesday, November 26- League A 
2.00 pm: La Aguada vs. Qualified 1
4.30 pm: La Dolfina vs. La Ensenada
6.00 pm: After Polo

Date 6
Wednesday, November 27 - League B
2.00 pm: Cria Yatay vs Qualified 1
4.30 pm: Ellerstina vs. La Albertina
6.00 pm: After Polo

Date 7 
Saturday, November 30 - League A
2.00 pm: La Dolfina Polo Ranch vs Qualified 1
4.30 pm: La Dolfina vs La Aguada
6.00 pm: After Polo

Date 8
Sunday, December 1 - League B
2.00 pm: Las Monjitas vs.Qualified 2
4.30 pm: Ellerstina vs. Cría Yatay
6.00 pm: After Polo

Date 9 
Thursday, December 5 - League A
4.30 pm: La Aguada vs. La Ensenada
6.00 pm: After Polo
Saturday, December 7 - League A
4:30 pm: La Dolfina vs. La Dolfina Polo Ranch
6.00 pm: After Polo

Date 10
Friday, December 6 - League B
4.30 pm: Cría Yatay vs. La Albertina
6.00 pm: After Polo
Sunday. December 8 - League B
4.30 pm: Ellerstina vs. Las Monjitas
6.00 pm: After Polo

Date 11
Saturday, December 14 
(Winner League A vs Winner League B) 

*The schedule of matches is subject to change depending on weather conditions. Check for updates in case of rain.

Gallery Night - October 2019

The next edition of Gallery Night, the original circuit for art lovers around more than 30 art galleries, museums and cultural centers, will be held on Friday, October 4th, 2019, from 6 pm to 9 pm, in the neighborhoods of Retiro, Barrio Norte and Recoleta.


CHECK POINTS: At the following Check Points visitors can get their sticker tags to gain free entrance at the participating art spaces:

* Bresson Art Gallery  – Av. Callao 1880.
* Talenta Galería  – San Martín 1109
* Los Coleccionistas – Libertad 978.

GALLERY TOURS: These are the free guided visits that will be available, lead by a specialist in History of Arts, all starting at 6.00 pm at the following starting points:

*Casa de Entre Ríos (Suipacha 844). Visiting: Talenta Galería, Aldo de Sousa, Zurbarán, Tango Espacio de Arte
*Bresson Art (Av. Callao 1880). Visiting Del Infinito, Colección Alvear, Rubbers, Bb. ID, Espacio Cultural OEI.
*PSGallery (Juan Domingo Perón 690). Visiting Galería NFCA, Espacio de Arte del Centro Médico, Los Vikings, Casa de Entre Ríos.

The night will close with an After Gallery live performance show and DJ set at 8:00 pm at SOLSKEN Av. Quintana 302, sponsored by Stella Artois.

The traditional circuit of Gallery Nights covers from Plaza San Martín to Callao and from Tucumán to Av. del Libertador. Gallery Nights takes place once a month between April and December each year.

This event is totally free of charge.

Maps, participating galleries and more information: Gallery's website.

Burger Fest 2019

A new edition of "Burger Fest", a gastronomic festival that brings together the best burger joints and gourmet burger cooks in Buenos Aires, will take place on Saturday, October 5th and Saturday October 6th, 2016 next to the Rose Garden, on Av. del Libertador & Sarmiento, from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, with free entrance to the public.

More than 40 stands and food trucks will be offering burgers in all its varieties, including vegetarian and gluten free options.

The Burger Fest will also include a sector specially dedicated to other forms of fast food, like hot dogs, arepas, crepes, bagels tacos and sandwiches, as well as ice cream and other desserts.

Free entrance.
The Festival may be suspended in case of rain.

Buenos Aires Food Week - October 2019

Buenos Aires Food Week, the bi-annual event in which the best restaurants in the city offer lunch and dinner menus at promotional prices, will be held again from September 30th through October 13th of 2019 (previous week for Mastercard Argentina cardholders only).

The goal of this Food Week is democratizing access to haute-cuisine, offering the general public the opportunity to discover new restaurants and taste unique dishes at attractive prices.

Each restaurant will offer a fixed three step menu (starter, main course and dessert) with a fixed price of $470 Pesos for lunch and $790 Pesos for dinner, not including drinks, service charge, or tip, + an optional donation in a sealed envelope to the charity organization Fundación Banco de Alimentos.

Furthermore all the restaurants will offer a complimentary Aperol Spritz aperitif to each person that orders the Buenos Aires Food Week menu.

48 restaurants will be participating in this edition. To see the complete list of restaurants and their menus, and for online reservations, visit Buenos Aires Food Week website.

Some restaurants offer lunch or dinner menu only. Check the conditions of participation of every restaurant before making a reservation.
If places are left available, people may also attend the restaurant of their choice directly without reservation.
Payments can be made in cash, debit card, or credit card at the end of the meal.

Springtime 2019: Lapacho trees in bloom

The "lapacho rosado" (Tabebuia impetiginosa) is a tree native from the North-West of Argentina. Every year these magnificent trees announce the arrival of Spring in Buenos Aires with an explosion of pink flowers.

One of its most splendid specimens is the tree that was planted many years ago by landscape artist Martin Ezcurra as an ornament for the house located on the corner of Ave. Figueroa Alcorta and Mariscal Castilla, in Palermo Chico. Popularly known as "Lapacho de Ezcurra", this has become one of the most famous and spectacular trees in Buenos Aires.

The lapacho on Figueroa Alcorta Ave on the photos above is the most spectacular of all, but there are many other specimens of lapachos scattered in parks and streets all around Buenos Aires.

This wonderful spectacle only lasts for a few weeks, so those who are in Buenos Aires in late September/early October can be considered very lucky to witness it.

2019 Tortugas Country Club Open Polo Championship

The traditional Tortugas Country Club Open Polo Championship will kick off on Tuesday, October 8th, 2019, with the participation of the eight teams with the highest handicap in the world, that will be disputing the Emilio de Anchorena Cup. This is the first jewel of the three great Polo Open Championships that make up the honorable "Triple Crown" of Argentine Polo, together with Hurlingham Club Open and the Argentine Open that will be played later this year.

Don´t miss the opportunity of attending this world class event and experience Polo the Argentine way. Contact me through this Contact Form so I can arrange transportation for you, or a full Polo package including transfers, tickets and specialized guide.

Participating Teams:

La Dolfina: Adolfo Cambiaso Jr 10, David Stirling Jr 10, Pablo Mac Donough 10, Juan Martín Nero 10. Total: 40.
Ellerstina: Pablo Pieres Jr 10, Gonzalo Pieres 9, Nicolás Pieres 10, Facundo Pieres 10. Total: 39.
Las Monjitas: Facundo Sola 9, Hilario Ulloa 10, Guiller Caset Jr 10, Santiago Toccalino 9. Total: 38.
La Dolfina Polo Ranch: Diego Cavanagh 8, Guillermo Terrera 8, Juan Britos 8, Alejo Taranco 8. Total: 32.
La Aguada: Lucas Diaz Alberdi 7, Alfedo Bigatti 8, Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8, Ignacio Novillo Astrada 9. Total: 32.
Cría Yatay: Valerio Zubiaurre 8, Cristian Laprida Jr 8, Joaquín Pittaluga 8, Ignacio Laprida 8. Total: 32.
La Albertina Abu Dhabi: Agustin Merlos 8, Francisco Elizalde 8, Ignacio Toccalino 8, Alfredo Cappella Barabucci 8. Total: 32. 
La Ensenada: Juan Martin Zavaleta Jr 8, Juan Martin Zubìa 8, Facundo Fernandez Llorente 7, Jerònimo del Carril 7. Total: 30.

Fixture of matches (results will be published in red):

Tuesday, October 8 
12:30 pm: La Dolfina Polo Ranch vs Cria Yatay (1)
3.30 pm: La Dolfina vs La Albertina (2)
* Games suspended for bad field condition*
New date: 
Thursday, October 10 
11:00 am: La Dolfina Polo Ranch 11 vs Cria Yatay 13 (1) - At AAP in Pilar
1.00 pm: La Dolfina 15 vs La Albertina 8 (2) - At AAP in Pilar

Wednesday, October 9
12.30 pm: Las Monjitas 13 vs La Aguada 2 (3) - At Las Monjitas Polo Club
3.30 pm: Ellerstina 17 vs La Ensenada 6 (4) - At Ellersina Polo Club

Sunday, October 13 * Suspended for rain *
12.30 pm: Semifinal Subsidiary Cup - La Aguada 3 vs La Ensenada (7)
3.30 pm: Semifinal Open - Las Monjitas vs Ellerstina (8)

Monday, October 14 * Suspended for rain *
12.30 pm: Semifinal Subsidiary Cup - La Dolfina Polo Ranch vs La Albertina (5)
3.30 pm: Semifinal Open - Cria Yatay vs La Dolfina (6)

New date Thursday, October 17 *Suspended for rain* 
1:00 pm: Semifinal Open - Cria Yatay vs La Dolfina (6)
4:00 pm: Semifinal Open - Las Monjitas vs Ellerstina (8)

Friday, October 18 *Suspended for rain* 
4.00 pm: Final Subsidiary Cup - Winner Match 5 vs Winner Match 7

New dates: 

Sunday, October 20
2.00 pm: Semifinal Open - La Dolfina 20 vs Cria Yatay 4 (6) - at AAP in Pilar
4:30 pm: Semifinal Open - Ellerstina 16 vs Las Monjitas 15 (8) - at AAP in Pilar

Wednesday, October 23 FINAL TORTUGAS OPEN - at Tortugas Country  Club
4:00 pm: Winner Match 6 vs Winner Match 8 - La Dolfina vs Ellerstina

The schedule is subject to change depending on weather conditions. Check on this post online for updates in case of rain.

Tortugas Country Club is located on Ruta Panamericana Ramal Pilar km. 38.5.
Tickets on sale at the Club only.

Buenos Aires celebrates Italy 2019

The Italian community in Argentina will be celebrated with a big open air Festival and Fair on Sunday, September 29th, 2019, on Avenida de Mayo y Bolivar, from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

At the more than 50 stalls and food trucks, visitors will have the chance to taste typical Italian dishes, like cannoli, sfogliatella, crustoli, calzone and gelatti italiani; and purchase crafts from all regions in Italy, among other activities.

In this edition the special guest will be the region of Puglia, with the presence of its president Michele Emiliano.

There will be musical shows at the main stage, with the special participation of Orchestra Popolare della Notte della Taranta, one of the most popular musical groups in Italy.

May be suspended in case of rain.
Free entrance.

Sustainability Fair BioFeria 2019

The second edition of the Sustainability Fair "BioFeria" will take place on September 27th, 28th and 29th of 2019, from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, at Hipodromo Argentino de Palermo.

In Bioferia 2019, participants will be able to learn about ventures, companies and projects that innovate and work in the areas of: Healthy Food, Mobility, Handmade Goods, Design, Fashion, Well-being, Architecture, Gardening and Tourism. Visitors will also be able to attend to inspiring talks from referents of the sustainable world; participate in workshops; appreciate a sustainable art show; participate in the Test Drive of electric vehicles; visit the responsible tourism sector and the Kid's Sector; and enjoy healthy cooking. In addition, at the Wellness Area run by Kundalini Libre, visitors will find everything from health and cosmetic products, to free of activities and experiences such as yoga classes, meditation, sound therapy, among others.

This edition will feature a Recital for Climate, in which different artists will share their music to raise awareness about climate change. 

The decoration of the Fair will accompany the entire experience in the venue in an innovative way, with geometric domes which will function as spaces for different activities.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own food containers and cutlery to avoid disposable waste.

Hipodromo de Palermo. Av. del Libertador & Dorrego.
Entrance fee: AR$ 150.
Seniors and children under 12: Free entrance 
Free entrance bringing two non-perishable goods
Fore more information: (in Spanish only)

Feria PuroDiseño 2019

The 2019 edition of Feria PuroDiseño, that will take place from September 26th to September 29th, 2019 at the Pabellón Ocre of La Rural Exhibition Center, will showcase and offer for sale to the public the avant-garde works by more than 120 innovative Argentine designers, with a special focus on sustainability.

Visitors will have the chance to purchase original designs in the fields of:

° Clothing
° Fashion Accessories
° Contemporary jewelry
° Home decor objects and furniture
° Contemporary craftsmanship from the Argentine provinces
° Textile development
° Lighting
° Toys and children's clothing
° Designer shoes and handbags

Feria PuroDiseño is a space where design is the main protagonist. The goal of Feria PuroDiseño is to accompany and to promote this sector of the Argentine industry, as well as each and every one of its designers, as a platform for the promotion of local and international design and the stimulation to regional creativity.

Location: La Rural, Pabellon Ocre. Av. Santa Fe 4201, Palermo
Dates and Hours:
Thursday 26 and Friday 27: 1.00 PM to 9.00 PM
Saturday 28 and Sunday 28: 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Admittance: AR$ 200
More information: Feria PuroDiseño website