November in Buenos Aires, Jacaranda trees in bloom

4:30 PM Sandra Gutrejde 4 Comments

Every November is the time of jacaranda trees in bloom, and Buenos Aires gets painted in lavender blue. Jacaranda trees are scattered all around the city, making this the most beautiful time of the year to visit Buenos Aires, for the unique chance to admire these beautiful trees in full bloom.

The first specimen of Jacaranda, a tree original from the North-west of Argentina, was planted in Buenos Aires in 1875 on the inauguration of the 3 de Febrero Park, and since then it has been spread all over the city for its ornamental value in the different plantation programs. 

Some of the most beautiful specimens of Jacaranda trees can be admired in Plaza San Martin; along Avenida Figueroa Alcorta; Avenida Sarmiento; Avenida 9 de Julio; Avenida Libertador near Plaza Francia (Recoleta); Plaza Italia; Plaza Alemania; Plaza de Mayo; Plaza Congreso; Palermo Parks; the Rose Garden, and many streets all across the city.

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  1. Beautiful! This is my all time favourite time of year here in Buenos Aires. I have been taking photos like a mad woman when I can of the jacarandas and am going to publish them soon on flickr and the tree blog. It seems like because of the hard rains this month that the trees haven't been as full as they have in years past because the flowers are dropping.

  2. Hi Beatrice
    I love jacarandas too, I will be looking forward to seeing your pictures!

  3. Anonymous10/29/2022

    These pictures are beautiful! Is it possible to predict the best dates to see the trees this November?

    1. Normally they are in full bloom in mid November. I hope you get the chance to see them!