Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires: Recoleta

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Recoleta is the most traditional and upscale neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It is noted for the French architecture of its buildings and mansions, which give the impression that a little piece of Paris was magically transported to this part of the city.
This neighborhood accounts for many tourist attractions, like Recoleta Cemetery, The National Museum of Fine Arts, the artisans´fair, the Decorative Arts Museum, The Flower, the colonial Del Pilar Church, among others. There are also great restaurants, bars, cafés, and stylish shops. This is a nice area to stay, for walking along the streets, visit the numerous art galleries and museums, or just seat and relax to have a coffee and people watch at one of the terraces outside the Recoleta Cemetery or at the Buenos Aires Design Center.

There are also some beautiful parks which are especially nice in spring, with their jacaranda trees and pink lapachos. Don´t miss the 200-year old rubber figs that raise in front of the cemetery.

One of the most traditional streets in this neighborhood is Alvear Avenue, where you will find the most sophisticated shops. Other beautiful streets and avenues are: Callao Ave., Quintana Ave., Posadas St., and Santa Fe Ave., with lots of shops and commercial galleries.  The apartments for rent in this neighborhood are generally classic style, upscale apartments. There are also some modern buildings with a more contemporary style.

There are some five star hotels in this area, including Alvear Palace Hotel, Palacio Duhau-Park Hyatt, Four Seasons Hotel, Caesar Park Hotel.

Recoleta Cemetery: burial site of Evita and Juan Domingo Perón, and many other important people in Argentine history. The mausoleums and tombs are true works of art.
Artisans Crafts Fair at Plaza Francia: only on weekends and holidays
Palais de Glace: Exhibitions center that holds different events throughout the year.
School of Law: impressive building in neoclassical style.
The Flower Monument "Floralis Generica" and Square
Nuestra Señora del Pilar Basilica: ancient colonial church.
Monument to Gral. Alvear

Village Recoleta Shopping Mall
Patio Bullrich Shopping Mall
Santa Fe Avenue

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