Monuments of Buenos Aires: Homage from the French Community to the Argentine Nation - Plaza Francia

6:21 PM Sandra Gutrejde 0 Comments

This monument, located at Plaza Francia, on Libertador Ave. and Pueyrredon Ave., is called “Homage from the French Community to the Argentine Nation” (Homenaje de la Colonia Francesa a la Nación Argentina), and was made by French sculptor Emile Peynot. It was one of the first gifts from foreign communities to our country, for the celebration of the Centennial of 25th May, 1810 Revolution.

It is made of a pedestal, with embossed figures on the sides that recreate two Argentine scenes: The Crossing of the Andes and The First Government Meeting, and two French scenes: The Storming of the Bastille and The Ball Course.

In the four sides we can see sculptural groups symbolizing the Industry, the Arts, the Agriculture, and the Sciences.

The monument is crowned by another sculptural group of two female figures, depicting France and Argentina, sowing well-being and abundance, while they are being led by a genie with a torch to enlighten them.

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