Expo Patagonia 2008

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Expo Patagonia is the annual exhibition of tourism in Patagonia, organized by the National Entity of Tourism Patagonia Argentina.
In Expo Patagonia 2008 the public will be able to participate in classes of Patagonic cooking, learn techniques for fly casting, know the creatures that inhabited Patagonia millions of years ago, test their phisical skills in the climbing wall, and know everything about the tourist offers in the region.
In the paleonthlogy sector, the replica of the largest carnivoure dinosaur in the world will invite visitors to learn about the remains of extinguished live forms that can be found in Patagonia. In this sector there will be a playground for children where they will be able to digg for fosiles like expert paleontologists.
Pretigious chefs will be in charge of the gourmet sector. They will prepare traditional dishes from the high regional gastronomy. Friday will be dedicated to pastries and confectionary, and Saturday and Sunday to the traditional Patagonic flavors.

Dates: October 3, 4, and 5, 2008.
Opening hours: 2 pm to 9 pm.
Location: La Rural Exhibition Center. Ocre Pavilion. Av. Santa Fe & Av. Sarmiento.
Entry fees: AR$ 10. Children under 12 free.
More information: Expo Patagonia 2008 official website.

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