Argentina Polo Tour 2009 - Third Stage: Tortugas Country Club - Palermo

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The third stage of Argentina Polo Tour 2009 will be played between Saturday, February 28 and Saturday, March 7, at Tortugas Country Club and at the Campo Argentino de Polo, in Palermo.
Ten teams with 16 goals handicap will be disputing the cups Nespresso and Stella Artois, with the debut of the great former soccer player Gabriel Batistuta, who will be playing for Loro Piana together with Adolfo Cambiaso.
Other outstanding players will also take part in the tournament, including Nachi Heguy, Paco De Narváez and Jaime García Huidobro.


Zone A:Tom Tailor: Uwe Schroeder, 0. Eduardo Anca, 6. Ignacio Badiola, 5. Santos Anca, 5. Total: 16.
La Picaza: Carlos Solari, 6. Santiago Solari, 6. Juan Jose Storni, 3. Kevin Korst, 1. Total: 16.
Les Lions: Jean David Du Plessis, 3. Joe Gottschalk, 0. Ignacio Heguy, 9. Francisco Elizalde, 4. Total: 16.
El Remanso: George Hanbury, 2. Matilda Woods, 0. Jaime Garcia Huidobro, 8. Manuel F. Llorente, 6. Total: 16.

Zone B:
Traun Polo Team:
Ben Traun, 0. Juan Manuel Echeverz, 7. Martin Orozco, 4. Pablo Bagnardi, 5. Total: 16.
Chapelco: Juan Cruz Adrogue, 1. Facundo Sola, 6. Silvestre Grant, 0. Francisco De Narváez, 9. Total: 16.
La Virgencita: Celine Charloux, 0. Lucas James, 7. Matias Logioco, 3. Gaston Urturi, 6. Total: 16.

Zone C:
La Ginevra: Luca D´Orazio, 0. Juan Ruiz Guiñazu(Jr), 5. Juan Jose Brané, 7. Manuel Caranza, 4. Total: 16.
Franken: Gregorio Gelosi, 3. Matias Maiquez, 6. Juan Ruiz Guiñazu, 6. Hannes Hühnlein, 1. Total: 16.
Loro Piana: Gabriel Batistuta, 0. Gustavo Usandizaga, 2. Adolfo Cambiaso, 10. Alfio Marchini, 4. Total: 16.

Schedule of matches:

Saturday 28

11.00 AM: Traun Polo Team Vs. Franken -Tortugas
4.30 PM: Tom Tailor Vs. La Picaza - Palermo (1)
6.00 PM: La Virgencita Vs. La Ginevra - Palermo

Sunday 1
4.30 PM: Chapelco Vs. Loro Piana - Palermo
6.00 PM: Les Lions Vs. El Remanso - Palermo (2)

Monday 25 PM: Les Lions vs El Remanso - La Dolfina
6 PM: Loro Piana vs La Virgencita - La Dolfina

Tuesday 3
2.30 PM: Traun Polo Team vs La Ginevra - Palermo
4.30 PM: Les Lions vs La Picaza - Palermo
6.00 PM: El Remanso vs Tom Tailor - Tortugas
6.30 PM: Loro Piana vs Chapelco - Palermo

Friday 6
6.00 PM: Franken Polo Team vs La Virgencita - Ellerstina Polo Club

Saturday 7
3.00 PM: Tom Tailor vs Les Lions - Centauros
5.00 PM: Chapelco Vs. La Ginevra - Centauros
5.00 PM: La Virgencita Vs. Franken - Palermo
5.00 PM: Traun Polo Team Vs. Loro Piana - Ellerstina

Sunday 8
Nespresso Cup
12.00: Les Lions Vs. La Ginevra
Stella Artois Cup
4.00 PM: Loro Piana vs Tom Tailor

For more information and results, visit Argentina Polo Tour official website.

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  1. Are there still tickets available for the games on March 7th?

  2. Is their still availability for March 7th? and if so how much are those tickets.

  3. Hi Alannah
    Entrance to this event is free. You can just show up there. Campo Argentino de Polo is on Libertador and Dorrego.