El Rodaballo (The Flounder), Günter Grass engravings exhibition

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The Goethe Institute in Buenos Aires presents the exhibition Günter Grass - El Rodaballo (Der Butt, or The Flounder), a series of etchings by the author, referring to his own work, at the Bar and Notable Bookstore Clasica y Moderna, Av. Callao 892, from March 2nd through March 28th, 2009.

The exhibit is made of 25 etchings, that have already been exhibited around Europe and is currently touring around South America.

The author, who in 1958 abandoned sculpture to devote himself to writing, returned in the 1970s to his original profession. He starts with prints and etchings, continuing with lithographs, making up a coherent series of works that illustrate or accompany his literary production. He starts with "From the Diary of a Snail" (1972), which Grass illustrates with engravings depicting the snails in the book, and continues in 1974 with graphic works previous to "The Flounder". In the 80s and 90s he produces more works that combine the different artistic expressions: image and text, poetry and prose, watercolors and drawings.

Free entrance.

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