Argentina Polo Tour 2009 - Fifth Stage: Ellerstina

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The fifth stage of Argentina Polo Tour 2009, the fall tournament created four years ago by Adolfo Cambiaso and Gonzalo Pieres, will be played between Thursday, April 2nd and Saturday, April 11th, at Ellerstina Polo Club.
In this stage 8 22-goal handicap teams will be participating, for the Cups Jaeger-LeCoultre and Cavalleria Toscana, with the presence of Argentine and international players, including Adolfo Cambiaso himself.
The winner of the tournament will also be awarded with the Fiat Great Prize, that will offer a Fiat Punto to each of the members of the winner team.

Participating Teams:
El Remanso: George Hanbury, Jaime Garcia Huidobro, Manuel F. Llorente, Joaquin Pittaluga.
Las Hermanas: TBA: Charlie Hanbury, Juan Garcia Grossi, Bartolome Castagnola.
Mindanao: Jaime Restrepo, Jose Rivas, Juan Jose Brane, Alejandro Diaz Alberdi.
Power Horse: Walter Scherb, Pablo Pieres, Tomas Pieres, Salvador Ulloa.
Enigma: Jerome Wirth, James Robert Beim, Matias Mac Donough, Malcolm Borwick.
Loro Piana: Gustavo Usandizaga (Jr), Alfio Marchini, Adolfo Cambiaso, Martin Spain.
Sao Jose Polo: Silvestre Grahn, Jose Eduardo Kalil, Rodrigo Andrade, Francisco de Narvaez.
Hotel Le Tour: Norman Edward Bellone, Miguel Novillo Astrada, Javier Novillo Astrada, Edward James Peel.

Calendar of matches:

1st Date: Friday 3:
2:00 PM: Las Hermanas vs Power Horse (2)
4:00 PM: El Remanso vs Mindanao (1)

2nd Date: Friday 3:
2.00 PM: Enigma vs Sao Jose (3)
4:00 PM: Loro Piana vs Hotel Le Tour (4)

3rd Date: Sunday 5:
Winner 1 vs Looser 3
Winner 3 vs Looser 1
Winner 2 vs Looser 4
Winner 4 vs Looser 2

4th Date: Tuesday 7:
Looser 1 vs Looser 3
Winner 1 vs Winner3
Looser 2 vs Looser 4
Winner 2 vs Winner 4

5th Date: Thursday 9:
1 zone A vs 2 zone B (5)
2 zone B vs 1 zone A (6)
3 zone A vs 4 zone B (7)
4 zone A vs 3 zone B (8)

6th Date (Finals): Saturday 11:
Winner 5 vs Winner 6
Looser 5 vs Looser 6
Winner 7 vs Winner 8

Free entrance.
Dates depend on weather conditions, check regularly for updates.
For more information and results, visit Argentina Polo Tour official website.

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