Good news on Aerolinas Argentinas: better prices for tourists

9:38 AM Sandra Gutrejde 6 Comments

There´s great news for tourists visiting Argentina. Aerolineas Argentinas has modified its pricing policy, and has put back the rates of its domestic flights in Argentina for foreign visitors at the same level as the rates for residents.
Now non-resident tourists can get tickets for the Economy Class B at the same prices as those for Argentine residents. This is from now on the only valid rate, eliminating the exiting higher rates that foreign visitors where obliged to pay.
This has been a long awaited measure by tourists and tour operators alike, providing better conditions for visiting all the destinations in our beautiful country.

To clarify on the subject, these fares are not available at their website. They only apply to a certain category (Economy Class B), only available through a travel agency. This is the same category that customers arriving from abroad on Aerolineas Argentinas were entitled to in the past, and is now available to any foreign customer arriving in Argentina with any other airline. This category does not apply to every flight either, so these tickets are not so easy to get, and there are still promotional fares for Argentines that don't apply to foreign residents.

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  1. I just tested this on the Aerolineas website. It is not true ( at least insofar as the present website.) If I show I am in the US, it quotes me a fare of $215 USD for a flight BsAs to Cordoba on July 15, returning July 17. It gives the same flight fare of $443ARP if logging on from Argentina and the same caveat of "prices may vary depending on location of customer" is posted. American Airlines does not do that to Argentine or any other tourists.

  2. This is very recent so it is possible that the website has not been updated yet. A travel agent might be able to get those prices (note that they are also offering a 2x1 promotion for their international flights but it is impossible to get that through their website, only on the phone or at their representatives´offices).
    We know this was a very unfair rule, that´s why it is received as good news by everybody.

  3. This is great news! I'm curious where you found this info at?

  4. I got the news from my local travel agent. I haven't seen this on the news yet. I'll post as soon as there is an official announcement.

  5. Definitely, that's a great news for all foreign visitors of Argentina. For sure there will be an increase in the number of tourist coming to Argentina.

  6. Unfortunately, the website is still showing increased prices for US citizens. Hopefully it updates soon! Any word from your TA?