Anne Frank House in Argentina

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The Anne Frank House in Argentina was inaugurated on June 12, 2009, the day of her 80th birthday. It is located in Superi 2647, in the neighborhood of Belgrano, being the first institution member of the Anne Frank House in Latin America.
The house features an exact reproduction of the rooms in the original hiding place in Amsterdam where Anne Frank and other seven people went into hiding from the Nazis for more than two years, including the movable bookcase that served as entrance to the Secret Annex of the house, as well as the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, and Anne's complete bedroom.
There's also a "Free2Choose" room, with an interactive film screening, made by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, in which film clips are used to invite visitors to think about issues concerning human rights and freedoms.
The exhibition "Anne Frank - a history for today" on display focuses mainly on young people, challenging the visitor to think about concepts such as tolerance, mutual respect, human rights, democracy, etc.
In the future the House plans to offer guided visits, workshops and seminars aimed to educators, students and members of defense institutions.

Opening hours:  Tuesday to Saturday, 2pm to 7pm
Entry fee: AR$ 75
Students and Seniors: AR$ 60

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