Motocross exhibition on Av. 9 de Julio

11:54 AM Sandra Gutrejde 0 Comments

For the first time the Red Bull X-Fighters Jams come to Buenos Aires to startle audiences this Saturday, September 24th, 2011, on Ave 9 de Julio between Viamonte and Tucuman.

The dizzying display of jumps and freestyle motocross tricks is a full sample of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, which for several years has become virtually the world championship in the field. Created back in 2001, the Red Bull X-Fighters concept has grown to become the biggest and most respected freestyle motocross tour on the planet. While the world’s best riders throw down mad tricks in stunning locations across the globe, local riders are hard at work bringing FMX to brand new countries with a series of Red Bull X-Fighters Jams. These events already have cult status in the cities they have visited, with top riders from the region joining some of the finest shooting stars from the international scene to put on an insane show in front of tens of thousands of people.

This time they will do it in Buenos Aires, opposite the legendary Teatro Colón, with a spectacular display of backflips, and an incredible array of tricks with names as provoking as "deadbody", "kiss of death", "superman" and "tsunami". A specially set ramp will propel the riders - individually, in pairs or in groups - to about nine meters high, to make the most incredible stunts, to complete the flight about 23 meters ahead on another ramp called "receiver".

The event starts at 3:00 pm, but make sure to be there early to secure a good viewing spot. Entrance is free.

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