A week dedicated to Buenos Aires cuisine

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Many events of interest will take place during the first Week of Buenos Aires Gastronomy ("Semana de la Gastronomía Porteña") organized by the Association of Hotels, Bars and Cafes and the Tourism Entity of the City of Buenos Aires. Multiple activities related to the Buenos Aires food scene will take place in various parts of the city from October 10th to October 16th, 2011.

The program of activities of the week include:

Cooking for all: Free cooking demonstrations and classes in different parts of the city of Buenos Aires:
  • Monday 10, 5:00 pm: Chef Patissier Osvaldo Gross at Plaza de Mayo
  • Tuesday 11, 6.00 pm:  Chef Patissier Nestor Reggiani at Parque Lezama
  • Wednesday 12, 6:00 pm: Chef Soledad Nardelli at Liberator and Agüero
  • Thursday 13, 6.00 pm: Chef Martin Molteni at Parque Centenario
  • Friday 14, 6:00 pm: Chef Patissier Osvaldo Gross at Plaza General Manuel Belgrano (Juramento and Cuba)
Presentation of books dedicated to the activity:
  • Tuesday 11, 6:30 pm: Presentation of the book "Chocolate" by Chef Patissier Osvaldo Gross. Clasica y Moderna (Callao 892)
  • Wednesday 12, 7:00 pm: Presentation of the book "Cocina Española" (Spanish Cuisine) by Chef Ramiro Rodriguez Pardo. El Ateneo (Florida 629)
  • Thursday 13, 12:00 pm: Presentation book "Crónica de la Gastronomía Porteña" (Chronicle of our city's gastronomy), by anthropologist Marcelo Álvarez. AHRCC (Tucumán 1610)
  • Thursday 13, 7:00 pm: Presentation of the book "Tragos - Guía Básica de Coctelería" (Drinks - Basic Guide to Cocktails) by bartender Agnes de los Santos. Cúspide Libros Galerías Pacífico (San Martín 760)
  • Friday 14, 7:00 pm: Presentation of the book "Restaurantes de Buenos Aires" by Fernando Vidal Buzzi. Crack Up Libros Café (Costa Rica 4767)
  • Saturday 15, 4:00 pm: Presentation of the book "Ni idea en la cocina" (No idea in the kitchen) by Silvia Smid. Clasica y Moderna (Callao 892)
Bars, cafes, dining establishments and hotels, identified with posters referring to the event will offer special promotions and discounts throughout the week. The complete list can be found by accessing the website: www.probabuenosaires.com.ar

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