Mataderos Fair - A showcase of Argentine traditions

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Since 1986, the Fair of Crafts and Popular Argentinian Traditions, better known as the Mataderos Fair (Feria de Mataderos), is open to the public on Sundays and National Holidays from 11 am to 7 pm in its winter schedule from March through December.

At the Mataderos Fair visitors can enjoy more than 500 traditional craft stalls from around the country and about 40 stalls of local products and food characteristic of our country: locro, humita, empanadas, tamales, asado, "choripan", tortas fritas.

As usual, gaucho skills as the Corrida de Sortijas, the traditional game of Pato (horse ball) are held every Sunday afternoon, as well as traditional parades of floats, the Gauchos Parades, and recreational activities for the whole family, like the Children's Film Club, and over 15 free workshops: Folk dance, Loom, Guitar, Charango, Sikus, Tango, wood carving, Quichua Language, Basketry, Ceramics, etc.

During the year many renowned artists are presented in the main stage, as well as folk music and dance groups that always accompany the Fair, many of which travel specially from various provinces of our country to be at the Fair, a wonderful opportunity to showcase their music.

Throughout the year several special events are held, with a prominent priority for National Holidays: May 25th (May Revolution), July 9th (Independence Day), October 12th  (Reaffirmation of the rights of indigenous peoples), November 10th  (Tradition Day), and in the month of June the celebration of the Mataderos Fair's birthday.

Feria de Mataderos. 
Location: Av. Lisandro de la Torre and Avenida de los Corrales
Opening Hours: Sundays and National Holidays, 11 am to 7 pm.
Closed in case of rain

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