Cirque du Soleil presents Varekai in Buenos Aires

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After the success of its shows Saltimbanco, Alegria, and Quidam, Cirque du Soleil, the world famous Canadian circus company, will be back in Buenos Aires presenting its spectacular show "Varekai", starting September 8th through October 21st, 2012.

Cirque du Soleil has brought wonder and delight to more than 100 million spectators in more than 300 cities in over forty countries on six continents. The mission of Cirque du Soleil is to invoke the imagination, provoke the senses and evoke the emotions of people around the world.

About Varekai: Varekai first premiered in Montréal in 2002. Since then the show has visited more than 68 cities in more than 18 different countries around the world. Over 8 million people around the world have seen Varekai.
The word Varekai (pronounced ver·ay·’kie) means “wherever” in the Romany language of the gypsies—the universal wanderers. Written and directed by Dominic Champagne, this production pays tribute to the nomadic soul, to the spirit and art of the circus tradition, and to those who quest with infinite passion along the path that leads to Varekai.
Varekai emerges from an explosive fusion of drama and acrobatics. The impossible becomes possible in stunning displays of skill and power set against innovative music and otherworldly sets, interwoven with vivid choreography that speaks to all in the universal language of movement. The pendulum of time sweeps backward, paying tribute to the ancient and rare circus traditions of Icarian games, water meteors and Georgian dance. Varekai then catapults to the future with revolutionary twists on such acts as Russian swings, slippery surface and triple trapeze. 

Location: Complejo al Rio, Laprida y Bartolome Cruz, Vicente Lopez.
Tickets on sale from June 25th through:
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