Buenos Aires subway celebrates it´s 100th anniversary

9:01 PM Sandra Gutrejde 0 Comments

The first subway in Buenos Aires and Latin America, the A Line, was inaugurated in 1913. Some of the original trains, which preserved their original features like boiserie interiors, brass lamps, wooden seats, were still running until recently.

For safety reasons these historic wooden trains manufactured by the Belgian company “La Brugeoise” stopped running in January of 2013, and have been subject to a restoration work to preserve their historic value.

On Sunday, December 1st, 2013, celebrating the 100th anniversary, some of these old and totally restored trains will be exhibited for the first time to the public at the Plaza de Mayo station of Line A, from 10 am to 8 pm. The Association of Friends of the Tramway will guide the public and explain the history and details of the works performed for their recovery.

At 6 pm a Symphony band made up of 46 musicians will offer a free concert for the public. The event will also feature a photographic and audiovisual exhibition.

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