International Festival Buenos Aires Jazz 2014

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Between November 19th and November 24th, 2014, The International Festival BUENOS AIRES JAZZ.14 presents a program of concerts by national and international artists that will offer the best of jazz in all its forms. The program of BAJ.14 will be divided into different sections:

International Concerts: The opening night at Usina del Arte, on Wednesday, November 19th, at 8.30 pm, will feature the American guitar player Pat Martino and his Organ Trio.
Other international figures that will be present at the Festival are: Henri Texier (France), Marcin Wasilewski (Poland), Myra Melford & Ben Goldberg USA), Yotam Silberstein (USA-Israel); Paolo Di Sabatino and the duo Soupstar (Italy); Rom-Schaerer-Eberle (Austria); Clara Luna (Spain), among many others.

"Cruces" (Crossovers): Meetings between local and international artists at Thelonius Club and Cafe Vinilo.

Open Air concerts: In this edition the Open Air concerts will be held at the Amphitheater of Parque Centenario.

Jazzologia: honoring the traditional jazz, with concerts at the Amphitheater of Parque Centenario and Usina del Arte.

"El Aula" (The Classrroom): open classes, clinics, workshops and ensemble classes. Workshop for singers by the prestigious Dena DeRose, all at Usina del Arte.

The Jam Sessions: every night at 10 pm at the Amphitheater of Parque Centenario with Gillespi as a host.

Chamber Jazz: intimate concerts at the Auditorium of AMIA.

Usina del Arte: Av. Pedro de Mendoza y Caffarena
Anfiteatro del Parque Centenario: Av. Ángel Gallardo y Leopoldo Marechal
AMIA: Pasteur 633
Café Vinilo: Gorriti 3780
Thelonious Club: J. Salguero 1884

For Cruces, El Aula and the following international concerts:
*Pat Martino Organ Trío
*Henri Texier Quintet + Marcin Wasileski Trío
*Myra Melford & Ben Goldberg + Yotam Silverstein
Tickets can be purchased online at: or in person at: Tu Entrada / Av. Corrientes 728 / Mon to Fri 10 am to 8 pm, Sat & Sun 12 pm to 8 pm

Jazz at Usina de Arte:
The admittance to the free concerts programmed at the Auditorium and Chamber Hall will be on a first-come first-served basis until completing the rooms´s capacity, except the following concerts that require pick up of tickets in advance:
*César López Quinteto + Horacio Fumero Trío
*Leo Genovese Trío + Rom-Schaerer-Eberle Trío
*Aca Seca + Diego Schissi Quinteto
This tickets will be given out 1 hour before the event at the Information Stand (1 per person)

Amphitheater of Parque Centenario:
The admittance to the free concerts programmed at the Amphitheater of Parque Centenario will be on a first-come first-served basis until completing the hall´s capacity

For the concerts at the Auditorium of AMIA, the audience must arrive 1 hour before the start of the show with an ID or Passport. 

The rest of the activities and concerts are free of charge until reaching the maximum capacity of the venues and don't require advanced tickets

For more information and daily schedules, visit Buenos Aires Jazz 14 official website (in  Spanish only) or download the complete Program in PDF (Spanish-English).

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