2016 Record Stores Night

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The record stores of Buenos Aires will remain open during the night of Thursday, November 10th, 2016, for the 8th Record Store Night (Noche de las Disquerías) an event similar to the "Record Store Day" celebrated in different cities around the world.

During the night there will be free live music shows and important discounts at the participating music stores across the city:


Zivals – Av. Callao 395
* 20% discount on CDs and DVDs.
Live shows:
6:00 pm: Fernando Goin. Tribute to Bob Dylan
7:00 pm: Yamila Cafrune. Guitars
8:00 pm: Orquesta El Arranque
9.00 pm: Leonardo Pastore. Presenting “Carlos Gardel Original” (Nominated to Latin Grammys 2016)
10.00 pm: Palo Pandolfo

Musimundo – Av. Corrientes 1753
* 30% discount purchasing 3 or more CDs or DVDs.
Live Show:
8.00 pm: Marcela Morelo

Other music stores offering discounts and promotions: Silbando discos (Av. Corrientes 1543); El Perseguidor (Av. Corrientes 1718); El agujerito (Maipú 971 – Galería del Este – Local 10); CDisquería (Av. Corrientes 1274); Magimúsica (Av. Corrientes 1644); La cueva musical (Esmeralda 494), Oíd Mortales (Av. Corrientes 1145 – Local 17); El Ateneo (Florida 340).


Notorious – Av. Callao 966.
Live shows:
7:00 pm: Jazz in the sidewalk
7.30 pm: Vanesa Martin
8:30 pm: Mariano Otero
9:30 pm:  Diego Frenkel
10:30 pm: Jam session with guest musicians
Photo exhibit by Marek Karewicz. Photographs of jazz musicians including Wayne Shorter, Winton Marsalis, Don Ellis, Charles Mingus, Sara Vaughan, Miles Davis and Nina Simone, among others.

Galería Bond Street – Av. Santa Fe 1670
The Anthology – Shop 7: Surprise Live Shows and special discounts
Thor – Shop 51: Special discounts

Other music stores offering discounts and promotions: El Ateneo Grand Splendid (Av. Santa Fe 1860) - Backstage (Av. Pueyrredón 1537)


RGS Music - Av. Corrientes 5233 Shop 2
7:30 pm: Las Creme Brulee
8:30 pm: Las Nueces Magicas
9:30 pm: La César Pavón Orquesta 
10.30 pm: Ariel Prat
Vinyl set by Chris Pimiento
 *20% discount and special promotions

Piccolo y Saxo - Av. Santa Fe 3591
* 20% Discount on CDs and DVDs
Live Show:
7.00 pm: Lito Nebbia

Miles Discos - Honduras 4969
* Important discounts
Live Show:
7.15 pm: Hilda Lizarazu

Jarana Records - Soria 5125
* From 6 pm important discounts in nacional and imported vynil new and restored records
Liva shows:
DJ TUCU TUCU: Tomás Amante, Dolores Cobach and Jay Bird.

Primal Scream - Soria 5008
* Special discounts and promotions
Live Shows:
8.00 pm: Blue Jeans – Acoustic Blues
9.00 pm: The Blue Lenas – Covers of The Rolling Stones in acoustic format
10.00 pm: Blues Motel

Compakta - Pasaje El Lazo 3156 Local 7
* Discounts and promotions all day
Live shows from 7 pm:
DJs Manejahselectors
Martín Elizalde
Ine Güemes Acústico

Mercurio. Av Santa Fe 2729. First floor shop 42
Surprise artists and special discounts

Tempo de Borges Disquería. Borges 1666
* Discounts and promotions

Other music stores offering discounts and promotions:
Musimundo. Avenida Cabildo 1873: 30% discount on the purchase of 2 or more CDs.
El Ateneo. Cabildo 2093. 30%  discount on CDs.

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  1. I love Musimundo :) I wish I could be there for this, we always bought too much music lol But I have it all here with me now which is such a goodthing :)

    1. Music is the best way to relive good memories.
      Un beso,