Tartan Day Buenos Aires 2017

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In an event organized by the Scottish Argentine Society and the City of Buenos Aires, the Scottish community in Argentina will be honored on Saturday, April 1st, 2017 celebrating the Scottish history and traditions with music, dance, crafts and typical products.

The event will start at 12 pm, with the opening of the Celtic and Nordic Fair on Avenida de Mayo and Bolivar, with stalls offering crafts and traditional food, such as fish and chips, sandwiches, cold cuts, cakes, and Scottish candy.


12:00 pm: Start of the Artisan Fair
1:30 pm: PARADE on Av. de Mayo
2:30 pm: Coronation Robert the Bruce (Peregrinus Albus)
2:50 pm: ARDO LILTAMOR – Renaissance Dance
3:10 pm: Buenos Aires Tartan Army (Scottish dances, folk and pipes)
3:30 pm: FIR CHLIS (Scottish country dances)
3:45 pm: SAOIRSE (Irish dance)
4:05 pm: SAPA Pipe Band (Pipes and Highland dance)
4:30 pm: AN ÉAN (Scottish & Irish folk music)
4:50 pm: THE OXERS & THE BORDER REIVERS (Scottish & Irish folk music)
5:10 pm: ADDRESS TO THE HAGGIS – WOMEN OF THE 45 & JACOBITES (Clan of the Red Oar)
5:30 pm:FIR CHLIS (Scottish country dances)
6:00 pm: Closing

Tartan Day is a worldwide celebration in which the Scottish descendants remember their cultural legacy, history and people.

In case of rain the event will be postponed.

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1 comment:

  1. We went to the parade one year and while it was way too crowded , it was fun and I enjoyed the bagpipes :)
    Have fun !