San Jorge Open marks the start of the 2018 Spring Polo Season

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Adolfo Cambiaso
The 51st San Jorge Polo Open, the tournament  that marks the start of the high handicap Spring Polo Season in Argentina, will kick off on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018, with matches at Club Militar San Jorge, in Hurlingham, Argentine Polo Association in Pilar, and finals at the Argentine Polo Field in Palermo.

The tournament, divided into two categories, High Handicap (24-28) for the Duke of Edinburgh Trophy, and Medium Handicap (9-16) for the Colonel Francisco Reyes Carrere Cup, will be played by teams made up of some of the best players in the world, like Adolfo Cambiaso Jr, Pablo Mac Donough, Diego Cavanagh, Guillermo Terrera Jr, Alejo Taranco, Juan M. Zavaleta Jr, Alberto Heguy Jr and Pedro Falabella Jr, among others. 

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La Dolfina Valiente: Bob Jornayvaz 1, Diego Cavanagh 8, Pablo Mac Donough 10, Adolfo Cambiaso Jr 10. Total: 28.
Indios: Alberto Heguy Jr 7, Jorge Monsegou 5, Juan M. Zavaleta Jr 8, Pedro Falabella Jr 7. Total: 27.
La Dolfina Brava: Agustín Marcos 4, Guillermo Terrera Jr 8, Alejo Taranco 8, Bautista Arrastúa 5.  Total: 25.
La Virgencita: Agustín Nero 6, Pablo Spinacci 6, Gastón Laulhé 6, Gastón Urturi 6. Total: 24.


Tuesday, September 4 - Semifinals at Argentine Polo Association in Pilar
12.00 pm: Indios vs La Dolfina Brava 
2.00 pm: La Dolfina Valiente vs. La Virgencita

Saturday, September 8 - Final at Palermo Polo Field
3.30 pm: Winner Semifinal 1 vs Winner Semifinal 2
Free entrance



La Mariana: Rafael Grozovsky 1, Santiago Catani 2, Juan I. Merlos 7, Juan C. Merlos 6. Total: 16.
La Natividad: Camilo Castagnola 6, Ignacio Velasco Gallo 3, Javier Guerrero Jr 4, Martín Scortichini 2. Total: 15.
SJ El Aduar: Daniel Ruiz 1, Edgar Echezarreta 2, Andrés Crespo 5, Manuel Crespo 7. Total: 15.
SJ Miraflores: Alejandro Granados 1, Horacio Henry 2, Alejandro Palomeque 5, Lucas Torales 6. Total: 14.


Wednesday, September 5 - Semifinal at Club Militar San Jorge
12.00 pm: La Natividad vs. SJ El Aduar

Friday, September 7 - Semifinal at Club Militar San Jorge
2.00 pm: La Mariana vs. SJ Miraflores

Saturday, September 8 - Final at Palermo Polo Field
1.00 pm: Winner Semifinal 1 vs Winner Semifinal 2
Free entrance

Schedule subject to change depending on weather conditions. Check regularly for updates.

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