The Night of the Temples 2018

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San Pedro Telmo

On Saturday, November 24th 2018 locals and visitors will have the chance to discover the diverse religious cults that are practiced in Argentina. The main religious in temples in the city will open their doors, showing their customs and traditions, for free and without previous registration.

Starting from 8 pm and until midnight these sacred places will show the public their cultural, artistic and religious patrimony, reflecting the spirituality of their communities.  In the case of entrance to Muslim temples it is required to have shoulders and knees covered for both sexes.

There will also be music concerts, talks, workshops, tasting of different typical dishes, and many other special activities. All the information on these activities can be downloaded from this link.

Guided visits:  Accompanied by a guide (in Spanish) through different circuits visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the works of art and history of each participating temple. All the Circuits will start at 8:30 pm from each starting point. Visitors must arrive 15 minutes in advance, and respect the customs of each cult and the requisites of each temple.

Belgrano 1
Starting point: Buddhist Monastery Fo Guang Shan (Av. Crámer 1733). To visit next:, Belgrano Parrish - Evangelic Church of the Río de la Plata, Lutheran Congregation La Cruz de Cristo.

Belgrano 2
Starting point:  Presbyterian Church Dr. Smith Memorial (Conesa 2216). To visit next: Buenos Aires reformed Church; Asociación Religiosa Cultural NCI Emmanuel.

Starting point: Parrish Nuestra Señora de la Consolación (Av. Raúl Scalabrini Ortiz 1073). To visit next: Evangelical Baptist Church“El Rey Jesús”, Apostolic Armenian Cathedral San Gregorio El Iluminador.

Centro Norte 1
Starting point: Anglican Cathedral San Juan Bautista (25 de mayo 276). To visit next: Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, Parroquia Centro - Evangelic Church of Río de la Plata.

Centro Norte 2
Starting point: Basilica del Santísimo Sacramento (San Martín 1039). To visit next: San Marón Cathedral - Maronite Catholic Eparchy. Christian Center Nueva Vida.

Centro Norte 3
Starting point: Parroquia Nuestra Señora de las Victorias (Paraguay 1204). To visit next: Libertad Temple - Israelite Congregation of the Argentine Republic.

San Telmo
Starting point: Centro Cristiano Príncipe de Paz (Bolivar 975). To visit next: Danish Church, Parrish San Pedro González Telmo. 

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