Springtime 2019: Lapacho trees in bloom

6:32 PM Sandra Gutrejde 0 Comments

The "lapacho rosado" (Tabebuia impetiginosa) is a tree native from the North-West of Argentina. Every year these magnificent trees announce the arrival of Spring in Buenos Aires with an explosion of pink flowers.

One of its most splendid specimens is the tree that was planted many years ago by landscape artist Martin Ezcurra as an ornament for the house located on the corner of Ave. Figueroa Alcorta and Mariscal Castilla, in Palermo Chico. Popularly known as "Lapacho de Ezcurra", this has become one of the most famous and spectacular trees in Buenos Aires.

The lapacho on Figueroa Alcorta Ave on the photos above is the most spectacular of all, but there are many other specimens of lapachos scattered in parks and streets all around Buenos Aires.

This wonderful spectacle only lasts for a few weeks, so those who are in Buenos Aires in late September/early October can be considered very lucky to witness it.

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