First ever Women's Polo World Cup

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The first Women's Polo World Cup in history will be played at Campo Argentino de Polo in Palermo (Av. Libertador & Dorrego) with Free Entrance to the public, between April 9th and April 16th, 2022.
This first edition will feature the participation of six national teams: Argentina, Brazil, United States, England, Ireland and Italy.
According to the Argentine Polo Association (AAP), "an institution that fights for inclusion and equality in sports, it is an honor and a pride that this first tournament is played in the mythical fields of Palermo, where every polo player wants to play at some point".

Participating teams:

Argentina: Agustina Imaz 4, Azucena Uranga 5, Catalina Lavinia 6, Paulina Vasquetto 1. Total: 16.
England: Frances Townend 1, Amelia Hughes 3, Heloise Wilson-Smith 6, Emma Tomlinson 6. Total: 16.
Ireland: Caroline Keeling 1, Siobhan Herbst 4, April Kent 4, Inés Lalor 7. Total: 16.

Brasil: Eduarda Vilela Rosa Engler 3, Ana Claudia Marinho 3, Alice Hopp Meireles 3, Lucia Junqueira Du Plessis 3. Total: 12.
United States: Audry Persano 5, Erica Gandomcar 5, Lilian Lequerica 3, Jenna Davis 3. Total: 16.
Italy: Ginevra Visconti 1, Alice Coria 3, Maria VittoriaMarchiorello 3, Camila Rossi 5. Total: 12.


2:30 pm: Argentina vs. Ireland (1)
4.00 pm: Brazil vs. Italy (2)

Date 2- SUNDAY, APRIL 10:
2:30 pm: United States vs. Loser 2
4.00 pm: England vs. Loser 1

Date 3- TUESDAY, APRIL 12:
2:30 pm: England vs. Winner 1
4.00 pm: United States vs. Winner 2

Semifinals- THURSDAY APRIL 14:
2.30 pm; 1st. Group A vs. 2nd. Group B
4.00 pm: 1st. Group B vs. 2nd. Group A

Bronze Cup Final- THURSDAY, APRIL 14:
11.00 am 3rd. Group A vs. 3rd. Group B (At the AAP in Pilar)

Silver Cup
2.30 pm Loser Semifinal 1 vs. Semi Final Loser 2
Gold Cup
4.00 pm: Winner Semifinal 1 vs. Winner Semi Final 2

*The schedule of matches is subject to change depending on weather conditions*

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