The Night of Tourism 2022

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The first edition of The Night of Tourism (La Noche del Turismo) will be held on Saturday, May 14th, 2022, from 6:30 pm to 12 am, at different spots around the city of Buenos Aires, with free activities and tourist circuits with historical, cultural and social themes. Visitors will have the chance to enjoy discounts and promotions at restaurants and bars of the traditional Buenos Aires rooftops, and free access to museums, temples, cultural centers, live shows and guided tours.

The Tourist Bus will be available for free - with prior registration-, and during that night the City subway will be free for all. 

Some Embassies and emblematic hotels will open their doors offering visits inside their premises for a reduced number of people. This activity is only available with previous registration through this link (registration starts on May 13th, 12 am).

The Cultural/Historic Circuits of the Night of Tourism are free and open for all, and don't require previous registration. The circuits are: 

“Argentine Women” Circuit 
*Neighborhood: Puerto Madero. 
*Start time: 6:45 pm and 7:00 pm 
*Duration: 60 minutes (per function). 
*Meeting point: Monument to Juana Azurduy (in front of the CCK). 
*Finish: Silos (Plazoleta Reina de Holanda). 
Since 1995, it has been decided that the streets of Puerto Madero neighborhood would bear the names of women who, in one way or another, had a great influence in our history. With this tour we decided to honor them. Through different representations, we will be able to approach different historical moments in our country, this time highlighting the roles of women in Argentine history. The circuit ends at the Anne Frank monument, near the famous silos of Puerto Madero, where the musical show by Abril Olivera, a rhythm & blues singer, will take place. 

“Casco Histórico” Circuit 
*Neighborhood: Monserrat. 
*Time: 7:00 pm and 8:10 pm 
*Duration: 50 minutes (per function). 
*Meeting point: Monument to Juan de Garay (next to Casa Rosada) 
*Finish: Avenida de Mayo and Peru. 
This circuit seeks to revive the history of the first square of the city (current Plaza de Mayo), recreating the customs and ideals of the characters who passed through it in the most relevant moments of our country's past. Neighbors and tourists will participate in this tour guided by a group of actors. They will witness the second foundation of Buenos Aires together with Juan de Garay and they will know different moments of the city in the times of the viceroys. In addition, they will discover the life of the colony with its typical characters, witness the dispute between Creoles and Spaniards, and learn about the ideas of the group of patriots who carried out the May Revolution. Residents and tourists are then invited to enjoy a walk along Corrientes Street where they can obtain discounts on gastronomy and cultural activities. The tour ends at the Vatican Square (next to the Colón Theater) with a cumbia show by the youth band "Migrantes". 

"Tango Culture" Circuit 
*Neighborhood: Villa Crespo. 
*Time: 7:00 pm 
*Duration: 90 minutes 
*Meeting point: Gurruchaga 1040 (Plaza Gurruchaga). 
*Finish: Monument to Osvaldo Pugliese. 
The “Cultura Tanguera” circuit begins at Plaza Gurruchaga. There you can see the mural to Paquita Bernardo as the first tango attraction, continuing towards the corner of Gurruchaga and Castillo where the Santa Clara de Asís Parish is located. Advancing along Gurruchaga Street towards Corrientes Avenue, it will be the turn of the spot where Café Izmir was located, to continue the tour through Corrientes where Café San Bernardo is located. Then, crossing the street, you will find Salvador Benedit's house near the Subway Line B station. The tour ends at the Monument to Osvaldo Pugliese, at Luis Maria Drago 438, where a master class and a tango show will take place, in addition to a talk and exhibition by a tango couple. 

“Embassies” Circuit 
*Neighborhood: Palermo Chico. 
*Time: 7:00 pm 
*Duration: 90 minutes 
*Meeting point: Mariscal Ramón Castilla & Rufino de Elizalde (Plaza Grand Bourg) 
*Finish: Floralis Generica (United Nations Square). 
From the meeting point we will advance along Calle Rufino de Elizalde, visiting the Embassy of Belgium, continuing along the same street to Ortiz de Ocampo where half a block away we will find the second embassy corresponding to Greece; we will walk along Ortiz de Ocampo Street until we reach Figueroa Alcorta Street, where we will find the Round House of Mario Palanti, the Embassy of Haiti, the Embassy of Iran, followed by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia and the Embassy of Poland on Alejandro María de Aguado street. We’ll take Mariscal Ramón Castilla Street again, to meet the Embassy of Spain and return to Figueroa Alcorta Street to see the Embassy of Chile, the Embassy of Mexico, the Embassy of Canada and culminate our tour at the Floralis monument, where at 10:30 pm there will be a show by Fabro, a renowned artist from the current trap scene. 

For more information on all the circuits, interactive maps with all the gastronomic offers, and registration for the free passes for the Tourist Bus and other activities, visit La Noche del Turismo official website.

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