Futbol Soccer in Buenos Aires - Calendar of matches 2023

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Experience the thrill of attending a Football Match in Buenos Aires! Attend one of the matches in the Local 1st Division, and the international tournaments "Copa Libertadores" and "Copa Sudamericana".

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Ask for matches in the Campeonato Carioca and Copa Libertadores in Rio de Janeiro as well.


JULY 2023
Sunday 2: Independiente vs Huracan 
Sunday 2: Velez Sarsfield vs Arsenal
Sunday 2: San Lorenzo vs Rosario Central
Wednesday 5: Huracan vs Atletico Tucumán
Wednesday 5: River Plate vs Colón
Wednesday 5: Racing vs San Lorenzo
Wednesday 5: Argentinos Juniors vs Instituto  de Córdoba
Saturday 8: San Lorenzo vs River Plate
Saturday 8: Estudiantes Lp vs Racing Club
Sunday 9: Velez Sarsfield vs Godoy Cruz
Tuesday 11: Independiente vs Newell's Old Boys
Monday 10: Boca Juniors vs Huracan
Friday 14: Huracan vs Talleres
Saturday 15 River Plate vs Estudiantes de La Plata
Saturday 15: Racing Club vs Rosario Central
Sunday 16: Argentinos Juniors vs Colon 
Saturday 22: San Lorenzo vs Argentinos Juniors
Saturday 22: Estudiantes vs Belgrano
Monday 24: Boca Juniors vs Newell's Old Boys
Monday 24: Racing Club vs Central Cordoba
Monday 24: Velez Sarsfield vs Union
Friday 28: River Plate vs Racing Club
Friday 28: Argentinos Juniors vs Estudiantes de La Plata
Saturday 29: Independiente vs Boca Juniors
Sunday 30: Huracan vs Velez Sarsfield
Sunday 30: Lanus vs Barracas Central

Tuesday 1: Argentinos Juniors vs Fluminense (Brasil) - Copa Libertadores De América
Tuesday 1: River Plate vs Inter (Brasil) - Copa Libertadores De América
Thursday 3: San Lorenzo vs São Paulo Futebol Clube (Brasil) - Copa Sudamericana
Friday 18: Boca Juniors vs Platense
Thursday 10: Racing Club vs Atlético Nacional (Colombia) - Copa Libertadores De América
Sarurday 19: Velez Sarsfield vs Barracas Central
Saturday 19: Gimnasia de La Plata vs Talleres
Saturday 19: Independiente vs Colon
Sunday 20: Argentinos Juniors vs River Plate
Monday 21: Huracan vs Banfield
Wednesday 23: Boca Juniors vs Racing Club - Copa Libertadores De América
Saturday 26: Estudiantes de La Plata vs Union
Saturday 26: San Lorenzo vs Belgrano
Sunday 27: River Plate vs Barracas Central
Wednesday 30: Racing vs Boca Juniors

Saturday 2: Velez Sarsfield vs River Plate
Satusday 2: Huracan vs Colon
Saturday 2: Gimnasia de La Plata vs Independiente
Sunday 3: Boca Juniors vs Tigre
Sunday 3: Argentinos Juniors vs Atlético Tucuman
Sunday 3: Racing Club vs Estudiantes de La Plata
Thursday 7: ARGENTINA vs ECUADOR - Qualifiers World Cup 2026
Wednesday 13: Gimnasia de La Plata vs Velez Sarsfield
Thursday 14: Independiente vs Huracan
Saturday 16: San Lorenzo vs Racing Club
Sunday 17: River Plate vs Arsenal
Tuesday 19: Huracan vs Gimnasia de La Plata
Wednesday 20: Racing Club vs Newell's Old Boys
Wednesday 20: Estudiantes de La Plata vs San Lorenzo
Wednesday 20: Velez Sarsfield vs Arsenal
Thursday 21: River Plate vs Atlético Tucuman
Thursday 21: Argentinos Juniors vs Talleres
Saturday 23: Boca Juniors vs Lanus
Saturday 23: Huracan vs Velez Sarsfield
Saturday 23: Gimnasia de La Plata vs Rosario Central
Sunday 24: Independiente vs Instituto de Córdoba
Thursday 28: Boca Juniors vs Palmeiras (Brasil) - Copa Libertadores De América
Saturday 30: Racing Club vs Independiente
Saturday 30: San Lorenzo vs Huracan

Sunday 1: Estudiantes de La Plata vs Gimnasia 
Sunday 1: Boca Juniors vs River Plate
Saturday 7: Argentinos Juniors vs Independiente
Saturday 7: Estudiantes de La Plata vs Godoy Cruz
Saturday 7: San Lorenzo vs Newell's Old Boys
Sunday 8: River Plate vs Talleres
Sunday 8: Racing Club vs Platense
Monday 9: Velez Sarsfield vs Atlético Tucuman
Thursday 12: ARGENTINA vs PARAGUAY - Qualifiers World Cup 2026
Wednesday 18: Independiente vs Barracas Central
Thursday 19: Gimnasia de La Plata vs Argentinos Juniors
Friday 20: Boca Juniors vs Union
Friday 20: Huracan vs Instituto de Córdoba
Monday 23: Estudiantes de La Plata vs Sarmiento
Monday 23: Velez Sarsfield vs Banfield
Tuesday 24: Argentinos Juniors vs Huracan
Tuesday 24: Racing Club vs Boca Juniors
Wednesday 25: River Plate vs Independiente
Thursday 26: San Lorenzo vs Platense
Sunday 29: Gimnasia de La Plata vs River Plate
Sunday 29: Independiente vs Arsenal
Monday 30: Huracan vs Barracas Central

Friday 3: River Plate vs Huracan
Saturday 4: Argentinos Juniors vs Instituto de Córdoba
Sunday 5: Velez Sarsfield vs Talleres
Sunday 5: Racing Club vs Central Cordoba
Sunday 5: Estudiantes de La Plata vs Defensa Y Justicia
Sunday 12: Boca Juniors vs Newell's Old Boys
Sunday 12: Argentinos Juniors vs Velez Sarsfield
Sunday 12: Huracan vs Arsenal
Sunday 12: Gimnasia de La Plata vs Atlético Tucuman
Sunday 12: Independiente vs Banfield
Thursday 16: ARGENTINA vs URUGUAY - Qualifiers World Cup 2026
Saturday 25: Velez Sarsfield vs Colon
Sunday 26: River Plate vs Instituto de Córdoba
Monday 27: Racing Club vs Belgrano
Monday 27: Estudiantes de La Plata vs Lanus
Monday 27: San Lorenzo vs Central Cordoba

Wednesday 13: Estudiantes de La Plata vs Defensa y Justicia -Final Copa Argentina 

Schedule subject to change of dates and addition of new matches depending on the progress of the tournaments, please check regularly for updates.

Contact me and make your reservation!

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