Moving around Buenos Aires

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The best way to move around Buenos Aires is by Taxi. There are thousands of yellow/black taxis in the streets at any hour. You can hail a taxi anywhere, not just at taxi stands. When you see a taxi with a red light on (Libre) in the windshield, it means it is available. Taxis are very inexpensive for tourists. You will never spend more than $5 - 10 USD if you travel within the city. 
A taxi can accommodate up to four passengers. A tip is not required but you can leave some change if you had a good service.

You can also use Uber, or download the App Cabify.

Those planning to use the public transportation will need to get a Sube Card. It can be obtained at any office of Correo Argentino, kiosks and other locations, just presenting a passport or ID.
The SUBE card can be charged with credit at determined kiosks (look for the "Se Carga Sube" sign), all lottery stores, or at any subway station, and then used at the automated machines on buses and for the subway and urban trains.
One card can be used to buy tickets for different people.
On the bus and subway the card only has to be tapped at the start of the journey. 
For the train, always touch in at the start of your journey and touch out at the end to pay the right fare.
If you run out of credit you can continue traveling up to a negative balance equivalent to four minimum fare rides.

There´s an extensive network of bus lines that covers the entire city and its suburbs.
Once you get on the bus, you tell the driver your destination. The driver will enter the fare in the machine, and then you tap the Sube card on the reader. One Sube card can be used by more than one person, just tap the card once for each traveler.
You get on the bus through the front door, and get off through the rear door. To let the driver know you want to get off, ring the bell located at the handrail near the rear door when approaching the desired stop.

There are 6 lines of Subtes (subway). You just tap the Sube card on the reader located over the turnstiles (only upon entrance, not on exit), and the fare will be discounted from your card.
As in every crowded place, be very careful with your belongings when you travel on a subte. 
For maps and information about the subway, click here.

For transportation from Ezeiza Airport into the city you can take Uber or hire a taxi at one of the stands inside the airport, like Taxi Ezeiza. Just don't hail a taxi at the curb outside the airport since those are not very safe.
You can also hire a private "remise" car and the driver will wait for you on arrival, holding a sign with your name. You can contact me and I'll make the arrangements for you with a reliable company. 

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