Buenos Aires Neighborhoods: Palermo Soho

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This area of Buenos Aires used to be a working class neighborhood, with old houses and narrow streets. It was originally called “Palermo Viejo”, or “Old Palermo”, since this was one of the oldest quarters in Buenos Aires. It is comprised by the streets of Costa Rica, Godoy Cruz, Malabia and Gorriti. It is a part of the large Palermo Neighborhood.

A few years ago some designers started to renovate these old houses and abandoned factories to set their businesses and shops. That´s how this neighborhood started to transform, to become the new trendy fashion area of Buenos Aires. It changed its name to Palermo Soho, for its resemblance to the Soho in New York and London. It has also some resemblance with the new trendy Marais district in Paris.

This is a lively area, with many bars, restaurants, sushi clubs, coffee shops, wineries, and “parrillas”. There are also many art galleries, antiques, furniture and decoration shops. You will find many small shops with original designs, as well as big national and international brands in originally decorated houses. Beware that international brands are expensive. Try to find the smaller shops that offer original creations.

Pick up the free maps that you will find in any of those shops with all the information about the area.There are two artisan´s and artist´s fairs on weekends: one in Plaza Cortázar (Serrano & Honduras), around which there are also many shops where independent designers offer their creations, and the other one on Plaza Palermo Viejo (Costa Rica & Armenia).

Many new hotels have opened their doors in this area, specially boutique hotels, bed & breakfasts, and youth hostels. There is also an increasing offer of apartments for rent. Despite all this movement, it is still a quiet neighborhood, with tree lined streets, little traffic, and a tranquil atmosphere.

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