Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires: Las Cañitas

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Limited by Del Libertador, Luis Maria Campos, Federico Lacroze, and Chenaut avenues, and only 20 minutes from the center of the city by Line D of the subway, "Las Cañitas" has always been a very quiet, safe area, where people can still enjoy birds singing in its tree-lined streets. Las Cañitas is not an official “neighborhood” of Buenos Aires, but it is truly one of the many sectors in which Palermo is divided. For over 100 years, it was only a quiet space surrounded by open lands, mostly used to prepare horses for the nearby Palermo Hippodrome Racecourse, and where many horse stables where established.

This changed a little since the decade of the 1990's, when many bars, restaurants and discos opened their doors and made this a newly renovated, trendy area of Buenos Aires, considered as a fashionable gastronomic zone. Which started with only some restaurants and bars, became one of the most visited areas by young people and lovers of good cooking. With two or three per block, there are restaurants, bars, pubs and discos with a variety of choices for every taste and every age, from Mediterranean to Asian, to some of the best "Parrillas" where to enjoy the traditional Argentine meats.

Las Cañitas has also become a fashionable district, with exclusive fashion boutiques, outlet shops, wineries, leather and horseback riding equipment shops, bookstores and art galleries. There's also a small shopping center, "El Solar de la Abadia" (photo below), on Av. Luis Maria Campos and Maure, built on a recycled old ice factory. A spot worth of a visit in Las Cañitas is the old Abbey of San Benito, facing the shopping center.

Another commercial area near Las Cañitas, in the limit between Palermo and Belgrano, is called La Imprenta, after the old Press where the programs for the Racetrack where printed, in Maure and Migueletes, an area where you can find some nice trendy boutiques, restaurants, ice cream parlors, design shops, jewelries and cafes.

One of the most important spots in Las Cañitas is the Campo Argentino de Polo, the official Polo field where the world famous Argentine Open Polo Championship takes place every year from November to December. Music shows, military exhibitions and festivals also take place in the Polo Field throughout the year.

There are many apartments for rent in the area, especially newly built lofts and high rise apartment buildings. Those apartments facing the Polo field have one of the best views in Buenos Aires. Some of the old houses have been renovated to be converted into trendy boutique hotels and Bed and Breakfasts.

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