Monuments of Buenos Aires: Bartolome Mitre

8:03 PM Sandra Gutrejde 0 Comments

The equestrian monument of Bartolome Mitre, inaugurated in 1927, is the work of Italian sculptors Luis Calandra, David and Eduardo Rubino. It is located on a slope on Libertador Avenue and Aguero St, which makes it very imposing from below.

Bartolome Mitre was an outstanding Argentine politician, elected President of the Nation between 1862 and 1868. He was also the founder of the Argentine newspaper "La Nación".
The figure of the General is made in bronze, the basement in red granite, and it is surrounded by allegoric groups made of Carrara marble: in the front, the "Winged Victory", surrounded by: "The civil courage" (represented by and athlete wrestling a lion), "The family" (symbolized by a young mother with a sleeping child), and on the back "The victory", "The anguish", "The harmony", and "The study and thinking".

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