IV Buenos Aires Antiquarian Book Fair

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This annual event emphasizes the highly valuable cultural heritage of antique books, manuscripts, documents, engravings, maps and photographs available in the antiquarian bookstores of Buenos Aires, placing the city in an outstanding position among other cities where similar fairs are held, like Paris, Madrid, New York, or Milan.
The Fair will showcase over one thousand antique books, historical documents and photographs, primitive Argentine prints, first editions, and a great amount of diverse, carefully selected printed material.
The following Antiquarian bookstores will participate in the Fair: Alberto Casares; Cueva Libros; Librería Anticuaria "Poema 20"; Librería Armando Vites; Librería de Antaño; Librería del Plata; Librería Fernández Blanco; Librería Figueroa; Librería Helena de Buenos Aires; Librería Lord Byron; Manos Artesanas Comunicaciones; Víctor Aizenman; Terra Nova; Librería Histórica Emilio J. Perrot.

Dates: September 24 through 28, 2008
Opening hours: 2 PM to 8 PM
Location: Museo Fernández Blanco. Suipacha 1422.
Entry fee: AR$ 1.-

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