La Dolfina and Santa Maria de Lobos to play the Final of Jockey Club Open Championship

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The Jockey Club Open Championship has its two finalists.
The world famous players from La Dolfina (32), Adolfo Cambiaso (Jr) and his brother in law Bartolomé Castagnola, who have successfully incorporated to their team the outstanding Uruguayan player David Stirling (Jr), defeated El Paraiso (29) 15-6 on the second semifinal played on Sunday 14. With this result, they will face Santa Maria de Lobos (31), which in turn had defeated Chapa Uno R.E. Hope Funds (34) on the first semifinal played on Saturday 13.
The Final match of this prestigious tournament will take place on September, Saturday 20, 3 PM, at the fields of Jockey Club in San Isidro.

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