Monuments of Buenos Aires: El abuelo inmortal (The Immortal Grandfather)

6:49 PM Sandra Gutrejde 0 Comments

This monument, located in the intersection of Mariscal Castilla and Aguado streets, in Palermo Chico, depicts the Argentine hero, General Jose de San Martin, at his old age, sitting and accompanied by his granddaughters. This is the only monument which represents San Martin in a civil status and as an elderly man. It was made in 1951 by the Argentine sculptor and engineer Ángel Ibarra García, who wanted to give San Martin a human dimension, representing him as a man of "flesh ans blood".

Three bas-reliefs on the base represent his life in France: "Cultivando sus dalias" (Cultivating his dahlias); "En la ribera del Sena" (In the bank of the Seine); "Limpiando sus armas" (Wiping his arms).

The monument faces the "Instituto Nacional Sanmartiniano", an institution devoted to preserve the memory of San Martin, founded in 1933 by José Pacífico Otero. It is a scale replica of his house in Grand Bourg, France, made by architect Julio Salas and inaugurated in 1946.

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