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Starting September 19, 2008, and continuing on the third Friday of October and November, from 7 PM to 10 PM, Wine Tour Urbano returns to Palermo Soho, on Malabia Street between Honduras and El Salvador, with its innovative wine tasting concept. In every fashion and interior design store, visitors will have the opportunity of tasting a different Argentine winery, while doing some shopping at the same time. Palermo Fashion & Wines is a urban tour around one of the most fashionable areas of the city. The concept of this event is to have the possibility of doing shopping out of the commercial hours while taking a ride through the wine route.
The first date will be dedicated to red wines, with the Malbecs and Merlots of every winery. Participants will also have the chance of playing the Wineries' Lottery, and, after 10 PM, join in the After WTU at the restaurant Quiroz.
The participating wineries are: Colomé, Bodega Del Desierto, Familia Schroeder, Xumek, Weinert, Las Perdices, Flichman Roble, Misterio, Estancia Mendoza and Nómade. The shops: Tosone, Vestite Clara, Cappio, Mawa, Kisuwen, De Vanguardia, Rosh, Setuá, Hábito, Vivendi, Reset Shoes.
On Friday, October 17 it will be the turn of Syrahs and Cabernets, and on Friday, November 21, all the wineries will present their best labels.
To participate in this event the public should buy their coupons on the same day at the stands on Malabia & Honduras. The cost of the coupon is $45, and allows the tasting of all brands.

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  1. Anonymous9/30/2008

    Hello, I will be in BA from the 1st of october to the 8th and was wondering if there were any other wine events? I would love to attend a tasting or event. Any ideas?

  2. I´m sorry but I don´t know of any special wine event on those dates. There are several wine bars and wineries around Buenos Aires which offer wine tasting every day. You will find information on this website:

    Good luck!

  3. Just in case the above link doesn´t work, here´s a short version: