115th Argentine Open Polo Championship 2008

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Saturday, November 15, 2008, will mark the start of the 115th Argentine Open Polo Championship (Abierto Argentino de Polo, or just "El Abierto"), that will take place until December 6, 2008. The best polo players in the world will gather at this tournament, one of the oldest and most prestigious events in the international polo calendar, held every year at the Campo Argentino de Polo in Palermo. It is also one of the main social events in Buenos Aires.

Tickets are on sale through Ticketek Argentina. Tickets for the main matches and the best seats can get sold out in just a few hours, specially for the final match on December 13th.

Participating teams:

Zone A:
La Dolfina Peugeot: Adolfo Cambiaso (Jr) 10, Lucas Monteverde (Jr) 10, Mariano Aguerre 10, Bartolomé Castagnola 10. Total: 40.
Pilará Piaget: Agustín Merlos 10, Santiago Chavanne 8, Sebastián Merlos 9, Marcos Heguy 10. Total: 37.
Indios Chapaleufú II Jumeirah Culú Culú: Alberto Heguy (Jr) 9, Ignacio Heguy 10, Juan Ignacio Merlos 9, Eduardo Heguy 9. Total: 37.
El Paraíso: Julio Novillo Astrada (n) 8, Ignacio Toccalino 7, Guillermo Willington 7, Alejandro Novillo Astrada 7. Total: 29.

Zone B:
Ellerstina Etiqueta Negra: Pablo Mac Donough 10, Gonzalo Pieres (Jr) 10, Facundo Pieres 10, Juan Martín Nero 9. Total: 39.
La Aguada Arelauquen: Javier Novillo Astrada 9, Eduardo Novillo Astrada (h) 9, Miguel Novillo Astrada 10, Ignacio Novillo Astrada 9. Total: 37.
Black Watch: Guillermo Caset (Jr) 8, Bautista Heguy 10, Matías Mac Donough 9, Francisco de Narváez (Jr) 9. Total: 36.
Trenque Lauquen Air France: Juan Agustín García Grossi 7, Hilario Ulloa 7, Pablo Jauretche 8, Jaime García Huidobro 8. Total: 30.


Date 1
Saturday, November 15 (Zone A)
3:00 PM: La Dolfina vs El Paraíso (1)
5:30 PM: Pilará vs Indios Chapaleufú II (2)
La Dolfina 18 - El Paraiso 9
Pilara 14 - Indios Chapaleufu II 13

Date 2
Sunday, November 16 (Zone B):

3:00 PM: Ellerstina vs Trenque Lauquen (3)
5:30 PM: La Aguada vs Black Watch (4)
Ellerstina 20 - Trenque Lauquen 10
Black Watch 13 - La Aguada 12

Date 3
Saturday, November 22 (Zone A):

3:00 PM: Winner Match (2) vs Looser Match (1)
Pilara vs El Paraiso
5:30 PM: Winner Match (1) vs Looser Match (2)
La Dolfina vs Indios Chapaleufu II
Pilara 16 - El Paraiso 9
La Dolfina 17 - Idios Chapaleufu 12

Date 4
Sunday, November 23 (Zone B):

3:00 PM: Winner Match (4) vs Looser Match (3)
Black Watch vs Trenque Lauquen
5:30 PM: Winner Match (3) vs Looser Match (4)
Ellerstina vs La Aguada
Black Watch 11 - Trenque Lauquen 10
Ellerstina 15 - La Aguada 9

Date 5
Saturday, November 29 (Zone A):

3:00 PM: Looser Match (1) vs Looser Match (2)
El Paraiso vs Indios Chapaleufu II
Indios Chapaleufu 24 - El Paraiso 12

Rescheduled for rain. New date:
Saturday, December 6:
5:30 PM: Winner Match (1) vs Winner Match (2)
La Dolfina vs Pilara
La Dolfina 17 - Pilará 13

Date 6
Rescheduled for rain. New date:
Sunday, December 7 (Zone B):

3:00 PM: Looser Match (3) vs Looser Match (4)
Trenque Lauquen vs La Aguada
5:30 PM: Winner Match (3) vs Winner Match (4)
Ellerstina vs Black Watch
La Aguada 11 - Trenque Lauquen 8
Ellerstina 16 - Black Watch 11

Final: Saturday 13
5:30 PM: 1st Classified Zone A vs 1st Classified Zone B
La Dolfina vs Ellerstina
Ellerstina defeated La Dolfina 13-12 in supplementary chukker with a golden goal by Gustavo Pieres Jr.

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  1. Anonymous11/12/2008

    What time do the games start? Thanks

  2. I´ve updated all the dates and times. Please keep checking for updates on results.

  3. Anonymous11/17/2008

    Is the match on Dec 6 sold out? Thanks.

  4. I think the most expensive locations, like Tribuna A, B, and C are already sold out. The others are not available yet, you will have to wait until December 1st.

  5. Anonymous11/28/2008

    can you get tickets at the gate for this weekend?

  6. If you go early I think you will find tickets available at the gate, at least for Dorrego Lateral (unnumbered). Good luck!

  7. Anonymous12/03/2008

    Can one show up at the stadium and buy the ticket anytime during the week prior to the match or only on the day of the match?

  8. Tickets can be purchased at the stadium only on the day of the match. During the week, they are on sale at the Ticketek offices.

  9. Any idea which TV networks will be showing the game in Canada?

  10. I don´t know about Canada. Here in Argentina it is broadcasted by ESPN.

  11. Anonymous3/21/2009

    Do you know the dates of the open in 2009? And also how much tickets are?

  12. The dates for the 2009 Open are November 14 - December 5. Tickets go on sale in September and there´s no information on prices until then. The full set of tickets for the whole tournament ("abono") goes on sale first, and then the tickets for the individual matches.
    I hope this helps.

  13. We are in Buenos Aires the weekend of 14/15 November and would like to go to one of the Open Games. We have just been quoted tickets at $150 each. Can we get cheaper tickets either on the day or a couple of days before or are we better purchasing on the internet before we arrive? Thanks

  14. Karen: tickets are not on sale yet so it´s impossible that someone can know the price and offer them for sale now. For the first two weekends you will easily find tickets available on the same day, just go to the polo field early in the morning, or during the week to any Ticketek office. I´m sure that tickets for tribuna Dorrego will be much cheaper than $ 150 pesos.