MEACVAD 08 -Euro American Cinema, Video and Digital Art Exhibition

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The Euro American Cinema, Video and Digital Art Exhibition (Muestra Euroamericana de Cine, Video y Arte Digital - MEACVAD) is an annual meeting organized by Alliance Francaise Argentina, Goethe-Institut, and Espacio Fundacion Telefonica, with the support of foreign delegations, universities, and national institutions. During a whole week of activities, performers, directors, theorists, and academicians in visual arts showcase their author-based movies, documentaries, experimental videos and interactive visual arts, to debate about the present status of audiovisual arts and media.
The 2008 edition of MEACVAD focuses on the digital era: digital cinema, online TV, web art, VJs, live events, video games, and cell phones, as means of hyper media production.
Invited guests from America and Europe will converge for a week in Buenos Aires to present their material, showcase their works, offer seminars, and set out a debate about the audiovisual arts, the artistic practices, and the current state of technological transition. MEACVAD presents this year two new publications: "La era Post Analógica", a compilation of the minutes of the event, and "Entre Imágenes", by Raymond Bellour.

Guest Artists:
Lucas Bambozzi (Brazil)- Video artist, academician, documentary-maker, director, curator.
Raymond Bellour (France) – Investigator and theorist in audiovisual arts C.N.R.S.
Silvia Cacciatori (Uruguay) – Designer and audiovisual director
Edgar Endress (Chile) – Video artist and audiovisual director
Federico Falco (Argentina) – Video artist, writer
Carmen Gil Vrolijk (Colombia) – Multimedia artist and academician, Universidad de los Andes.
Ingo Günther (Germany) – Artist, audiovisual director, and academician
Pablo Lamar (Paraguay) – Movie director
Antonio Weinrichter (Spain) Theorist and academician, specialized in documentary

Scheduled activities:
Seminar "Entre Imágenes", Raymond Bellour
Retrospective Lucas Bambozzi.
Retrospective journey around the work of Ingo Günther
30 years of video art, Homage to Carlos Trilnick
"Visionarios", Historical program of cinema and experimental video in Latin America, curated by Arlindo Machado, Itaú Cultural de San Pablo/MAMBA Buenos Aires, at Alliance Francaise
Program Jean-Paul Fargier, Jour après jour (Jean-Daniel Pollet) and Godard/Sollers. L´entretien.
Live events, a story, Carmen Gil Vrolijk.
Monumental Graphics, creative project with GPS, Andrea Di Castro
Documentary, a situation status, Antonio Weinrichter
Presentation Publications MEACVAD: Libro de actas 08 and Entre Imágenes, Raymond Bellour.

Participating institutions:
Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires
Centro Cultural de España, Córdoba
Itaú Cultural
Centro Cultural Rector Ricardo Rojas
Centro Multimedia del Centro Cultural General San Martín
MAMBA, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires
Embajada de Colombia

Dates: October 27 throgh 31, 2008
Alianza Francesa: Av. Cordoba 936/946
Espacio Fundación Telefónica: Arenales 1540
Goethe-Institut: Av. Corrientes 319
All activities free of charge.
More information, registrations and complete program: MEACVAD 2008 official website.

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