7th Buenos Aires Tango Dance Championship

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The seventh edition of the Buenos Aires City Tango Dance Championship will start on April 30, 2009. For a whole month, until May 30, it will be possible to visit the "milongas" in the city, where couples will be competing to qualify for the next "World Tango Dance Championship".

The tournament will include the traditional categories of “Tango Salón” and “Milonga”, with the new addition of the “Vals” (waltz) category.

The city's neighborhoods will offer their traditional "milongas", providing the tango dancers of Buenos Aires with their natural and daily dancing scenario.

Anyone can participate in this event. Couples can enroll, free of charge, between 30 April and 24 May 2009 up until one hour before the beginning of the competitions, at the venues (milongas) established by the Organizers. The enrolling couple must be made up of amateur dancers of both sexes, 18 years of age or older, and at least one of them must be a native or a resident of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Both participants must show their ID (DNI, CI, LE or Passport) at the time of enrollment.

For visitors, tickets can be purchased on the same day of each performance at the established venues and their prices will range between $10 and $ 20 Argentine pesos, except for those milongas with free admission.

For further information check the schedule of the 7th Buenos Aires Tango Dance Championship.

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