Japanese designer Kenzo opens art exhibition in Buenos Aires

6:41 PM Sandra Gutrejde 3 Comments

The world famous Japanese artist and designer, Kenzo Takada, opened his art exhibition in Buenos Aires, the first one featuring his plastic work in Latin America, at the new art gallery Lordi Arte Contemporaneo, in San Telmo - Venezuela 617 - in a new turn of his artistic career.
This is his third art exhibition, composed of paintings, sculptures and collages, that have already been exhibited in Munich and Morocco.
His paintings, some of them in large dimensions, show in their majority women among pieces of cloth and stamps, colorful sculptures, figurines, an ode to the four seasons (four large paintings featuring different garments, according to every season), and even an homage to Buenos Aires with a painting featuring a couple dancing tango with the Obelisk in the background.
Kenzo's exhibition can be visited through July 10, 2009, Monday to Friday 11 am to 8 pm.

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  1. Hi Sandra, nice recommandation. I didn´t know the other art skills of the famous designer. Bye.

  2. Hi Elisa
    Yes it seems he has left the fashion world and is now fully dedicated to art.
    I hope you get to see it!

  3. Hi, I put some pictures of Kenzo s art in my blog
    sorry in Japanese, but you can put it in google translator.