International Polo Tournament in Palermo

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The Nations Cup 2009 - International Polo Series (Copa de las Naciones 2009 - Serie Internacional de Polo), organized by the Argentine Polo Association, will take place on April 18, 19, and 26, 2009 at the Campo Argentino de Polo in Palermo.

This unique tournament, with the participation of four high handicap international teams (Argentina, Brazil, England, and Rest of the World), is an important new addition to the national and international polo calendar.


Argentina: Gustavo Usandizaga, 2; Hilario Ulloa, 8; Adolfo Cambiaso, 10, and Pablo Pieres (Jr), 7. Total, 27.

Rest of the World: Martín Zegers (Chile), 6; José Donoso (Chile), 7; Jaime García (Chile), 8, and Julio Gracida (México), 6. Total, 27.

Brazil: Jöao Paulo Ganon, 7; Luiz Carlos Mello, 6; Rodrigo Riberio Andrade, 8, and José Kalil, 5. Total: 26. (substitute: Wlliam Rodrigues, 6).

England: James Beim, 7; Mark Tomlinson, 7; Malcolm Borwick (Australia), 6, and Luke Tomlinson, 8. Total, 28.

Calendar of matches:

April 18
2 PM: England vs Brazil (1)
Result: Brazil 15 - England 14
4 PM: Argentina vs Rest of the World (2)
Result: Argentina 12 - Rest of the World 10

April 19
1.30 PM: Brazil vs Rest of the World
Result: Brazil 11 - Rest of the World 8
4.00 PM: Argentina vs England
Result: Argentina 12 - England 8

April 26
Final Nations Cup
1.00 PM: England vs Rest of the World
4.00 PM: Argentina vs Brazil
Result: Champion: Argentina 10 - Brazil 6

Tickets on sale at the Campo Argentino de Polo ticket offices only (Libertador & Dorrego):
Platea C (numbered seats) AR$ 50.-
Tribunes A and B (unnumbered seats) AR$ 25.-
Tribune Dorrego Central (unnumbered seats) AR$ 10.-

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  1. Hi, thanks for this.
    I'm English, live near the ground with my Argentine and so it will be fun to go and support both teams!