Concert at the Obelisk to mark the start of the Bicentenary celebrations

12:04 PM Sandra Gutrejde 0 Comments

On Sunday, May 24, 2009, 8.00 PM, city residents and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a great show at the Obelisk that will mark the start of the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the May Revolution, an important step in history that lead to the Argentine independence.
With drums and a musical explosion, La Bomba de Tiempo will open the event.
Renowned artists will present new versions of the National songs: Kevin Johansen will sing with Pablo Lescano the Hymn to Sarmiento; Juan Carlos Baglietto with No lo Soporto will sing Mi Bandera (My Flag). EMME with Mike Amigorena will present the Hymn to San Martín; Hilda Lizarazu with Diego Frenkel will sing together Saludo a la Bandera (Salute to the Flag), and Alejandro Lerner along with Los Tipitos and Andrea Álvarez will interpret La Marcha de San Lorenzo. Patricia Sosa and Palo Pandolfo will present a new version of Aurora.
Within the recital, the theme and video of the Bicentenary will be presented.
Bajofondo and Gustavo Santaolalla will close the show presenting their latest production, Mar Dulce.

The national songs that will be presented at the festival can be downloaded from the Bicentenary website.

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