Children's Day celebration at Casa Rosada

3:34 PM Sandra Gutrejde 0 Comments

There's a special gift for children visiting the Pink House (Casa Rosada) on Sunday 9, 2009, when Argentine children celebrate their day: at the end of the tour, every kid will be presented with an interactive CD with a visual tour of the Pink House, and a story with images about the history of Argentina (in Spanish of course). The CD also features, among other things, an explanation of the national symbols, and a recount of one day in the life of the President. This information is also available at
Apart from this special event, the Pink House can be visited every Saturday, Sunday and Holiday, from 10 am to 6 pm, every 30 minutes. This program is called "The Pink House Opens its Doors". Visits are led by the "Granaderos" and no ID is needed to attend. During the tour, that lasts around 20 minutes, visitors can see the Hall of Busts, the Patios, the Presidential Elevator, and the Rooms in the first floor.
The entrance is on Balcarce 50, free of charge.

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