Argentina Polo Tour 2010 - First Stage: El Remanso Polo Club

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Argentina Polo Tour, the fall tournament created four years ago by Adolfo Cambiaso and Gonzalo Pieres, presents its first stage of 2010, at El Remanso Polo Club in Lobos, Province of Buenos Aires, starting February 20th, 2010, with the participation of  six teams up to 16 goals handicap. 

Zone A
Claremont: Matt Cudmore, 2. Ollie Cudmore, 3. Nacho Garrahan, 3. Jaime Huidobro, 8.
El Quemao: Bernado Barreto, 0. Charlie Hanbury, 4. Manuel Fernandez Llorente, 6. Nito Uranga, 6.
Bien Mirada: Fabian Bolanterio, 1. Agustin Martinez, 3. Alejandro Ticcini, 4. Federico Bachman, 5.

Zone B
TMT: Dario Ahuad, 0. Diego F. Ocampo, 4. Facundo Castagnola, 7. Jorge Cernadas, 5.
La Alegria: Enrique Piccardo, 2. Thomas Winter, 5. Adrian Laplacette (h), 5. Adrian Laplacette, 4.
El Remanso: Dom Heywood, 0. George Hanbury, 3. TBA, Pelon Stirling, 9.


Date 1
Thursday 25
4.00 PM: TMT  vs La Alegria (1)
6.00 PM: Claremont vs El Quemao (2)

Date 2
Friday 26
Looser 1 vs El Remanso
Looser 2 vs Bien Mirada

Date 3
Saturday 27
Winner 1 vs El Remanso
Winner 2 vs Bien Mirada

Sunday 28
Looser 3 vs Looser 4
Winner 3 vs Winner 4

The schedule of matches is subject to modifications depending on weather conditions. Check for updates in case of changes. 

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