Bicentennial Equestrian Parade and Endurance demonstration in the streets on Buenos Aires

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As part of the Bicentennial Celebrations, on Sunday, April 4, 2010, from 10.30 am, an Equestrian Parade will tour the main avenues of the City of Buenos Aires, with the participation of 300 horses from different horse breeds: Creole, Arabic, Quarter Horse, Polo Argentino, Appaloosa, Peruvian Paso, Percheron, Petiso, Fomento Equino, and Paint Horse, among others.

This unprecedented event will begin with a demonstration of the equestrian discipline Endurance, which will start from the Centre Court of La Rural, and will travel 11 km along the avenues Libertador, Figueroa Alcorta, Alvear and 9 de Julio, up to the symbolic Obelisk.

The Equestrian Parade will begin with an official ceremony at the Spaniard's Monument (Av. del Libertador y Av Sarmiento) in the presence of officers of the City Government and the various breed associations.

From there, hundreds of horses will parade through a circuit of 5 km, crossing Avenida del Libertador, Avenida Alvear, Callao and Av Figueroa Alcorta, culminating in La Rural Exhibition Center.

Endurance is a running race against the clock with the participation of a horse and rider. This discipline not only assesses the strength of the horse to travel long distances (40, 80, 120 or 160 km), but also the strategic approach of the rider. The rider's skills and horse training are the keys in the performance of this team in different types of terrain and natural obstacles during the race. Argentina has made significant achievements at international level in this discipline.

Schedule - Sunday April 4, 2010

10.00 am: Start of Endurance riding demonstration.
Course: La Rural Buenos Aires on Av Sarmiento 2704 - Av Libertador - Av Alvear - Arroyo - 9 de Julio - Av Corrientes - Av 9 de Julio - Carlos Pellegrini - Av Pres Figueroa Alcorta - Av Sarmiento - End at Crossroads of Libertador and Sarmiento.

11.00 am: Attendance at the Obelisco to horses that participate at the Endurance

12.30 pm: Finish of the Endurance Demonstration. Spaniard's Monument (Av. Libertador y Av Sarmiento)

12.40 pm: Central Act. Spaniard's Monument (Av. Libertador y Av Sarmiento)

1.15 pm: Start of the Bicentennial Equestrian Parade
Course: Spaniard's Monument - Av Sarmiento - Av del Libertador - Av Alvear - Avenida Callao - Av Libertador - Av Figueroa Alcorta Pres - Av Sarmiento - Finish at La Rural, 2.30 pm.

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