Argentina Polo Tour 2011 - Tortugas, Hurlingham and Palermo

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Argentina Polo Tour, the fall tournament created five years ago by Adolfo Cambiaso and Gonzalo Pieres, presents its second stage of 2011, at the three fields that make up the Argentine Triple Crown: Tortugas Country Club, Hurlingham Club, and Campo Argentino de Polo in Palermo (Av. Libertador and Dorrego), starting February 17th, 2011, with the participation of  six teams up to 16 goals handicap. 

Sainte Mesme: Robert Strom 2, C. Nordheimer 4, G. Von Wernick 7, Birger Strom 1. Total: 14
Amadeus: Robert Kofler 0, Pablo Llorente 4, Guillermo Terrera 7, Santiago Marambio 5: Total: 16
Hammerle: Werner Graf 0, Matías Benoit 5, Carlos Farinatti 6, Juan Monteverde 5. Total: 16
Tom Tailor: Uwe Schroeder 0, Eduardo Anca 6, Juan M. Etchevertz 6 y Santiago Irastorza 6. Total: 16
Techno Polo: Frank Dubarry 0, Tomás Pieres 7, Tomás Gandara 6, Matías Logioco 3. Total: 16
Ferne Park: Jonathan Rothermere 0, Miguel del Carril 6, Joaquín Pitaluga 7, Eden Ormerod 3. Total: 16


Date 1
Thursday 17 - Hurlingham Club:
4.00 pm: Amadeus vs Techno Polo
5.30 pm: Sainte Mesme vs Ferne Park

Date 2
Friday 18 - Hurlingham Club:
5.00 pm: Hammerle vs Tom Tailor (Suspended for rain)

Date 3
Saturday 19 - Palermo Polo Field:
12:30 pm:  Hammerle vs Tom Tailor
3.00 pm: Amadeus vs Ferne Park
3:00 pm: Sainte Mesme vs Techno Polo

Date 4
Monday 21 - Centauros Polo Club:
4.00 pm: Hammerle vs Ferne Park
5:00 pm: Amadeus vs Tom Tailor

Date 5
Thursday 24 - Palermo Polo Field
3.00 pm: Sainte Mesme vs Tom Tailor
5.00 pm: Hammerle vs Techno Polo

Saturday 26 - Palermo Polo Field
1:00 pm and 5:00 pm

The schedule of matches is subject to modifications depending on weather conditions. Check for updates in case of changes for rain. Free entrance.

Don´t miss the opportunity of attending this world class event. You can experience Polo the Argentine way. Contact me so I can arrange transportation for you.

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