Expotrastiendas 2011, the Art Galleries' Exhibition

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Expotrastiendas, the art fair organized since 2001 by the Argentine Association of Art Galleries (Asociación Argentina de Galerías de Arte or AAGA) aims to promoting and disseminating visual arts, helping artists to show their production in a different context, which attracts collectors and buyers as well as the general public.
Between September 1 and 5, 2011, the Fair will offer different spaces curated by specialists, tributes to the great sculptor Magda Frank and Juan Melé, and art galleries' stands selected by the Selection Jury composed by Juan Doffo, Ricardo Blanco, Alejandro Dávila, Lilian Llañez Godoy and Ernesto Muñoz.
The artists of the new generation will have their place at "Young Platform", and the art of the provinces will be represented at the space "Usina" (Factory).
Talks about the art market, sponsorship, art collecting, biennials and fairs will be held every day at the auditorium.
Expotrastiendas and AAGA jointly organize different cultural events, such as seminars, contests and exhibitions, which foster and provide dynamism to the art market.

Dates: September 1 - 5, 2011
Location: La Rural Exhibition Center - Pavilion Ocre. Santa Fe & Sarmiento Ave.
Opening Hours: 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Tickets: AR$ 38
Expotrastiendas official website.

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