International Festival Buenos Aires Jazz 2013

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Between November 20th and November 25th, 2013, The International Festival BUENOS AIRES JAZZ.13 presents a program of concerts by national and international artists that will offer the best of jazz in all its forms. The program of BAJ.13 will be divided into different sections:

International Concerts: The opening night at Usina del Arte, on Wednesday, November 20st, at 8.30 pm, will feature the ICP Orchestra from the Netherlands. Founded in 1967 by Han Bennink and Misha Mengelberg, the ICP (Instant Composers Pool) Orchestra is a real institution in the European jazz scene.
Other international figures that will be present at the Festival are: Bennink, Moore & Glerum Trio (Holland), Tim Berne (USA), Sylvain Luc & Jean-Michel Pilc Duo (France), Guus Janssen (Holland), Frank Carlberg (USA), Jonathan Kreisberg Trio (USA), Darmon Meader Quartet (USA) and Flavio Boltro & Eric Legnini Quartet (Italy/France/Belgium).

"Cruces" (Crossovers): Meetings between local and international artists at Thelonius Club and Cafe Vinilo: Thomas Heberer, Tobías Delius, Eric Legnini, Francisco Mela, Horacio Fumero, Pipi Piazzolla, Rogerio Botter Maio, Rick Rosatto, Juan Benavídez, Fabio Leandro, Jakob Bro, Luis Nacht y Mariano Loiácono. among others.

Open Air concerts:  In this edition apart from the traditional Open Air Stages (Amphitheater of Parque Centenario and Terrace terraza of Centro Cultural Recoleta), a Big Stage will be set up on Av. Del Libertador & Agüero, where the band Mantiqueira from Brazil will be offering a free concert on Sunday 24, at 9 pm.

Jazzologia, honoring the traditional jazz, with concerts at the Terrace of Centro Cultural Recoleta by: Che Manouche, la Louisiana Jazz Band, Opus 4, Brazo Fuerte All Stars and Antigua Jazz Band.

Jazz & Cine: free screenings of movies and documentaries.

"El Aula" (The Classrroom): open classes, clinics, workshops and ensemble classes.

The Jam Sessions, every night at La Trastienda with Gillespi as a host.

Centro Cultural Recoleta: Junín 1930
Usina del Arte: Av. Pedro de Mendoza y Caffarena
Anfiteatro del Parque Centenario: Av. Ángel Gallardo y Leopoldo Marechal
Teatro Presidente Alvear: Av. Corrientes 1659
Gran Escenario Av. Del Libertador y Agüero
La Trastienda Club Balcarce 460
Café Vinilo Gorriti 3780
Thelonious Club J. Salguero 1884

Tickets: for International Concerts, Cruces and El Aula on sale at:
Teatro Presidente Alvear: Av. Corrientes 1659 - from Tue to Sat, 12 PM-8 PM
Tu Entrada: Av. Corrientes 728 - from Mon to Sat, 12 PM-8 PM
International Concerts range from $ 40 to $ 80 Pesos. 
Tickets for the Meetings (Cruces) are $ 50 Pesos. 
The Ensemble and Singing Workshops require previous registration through: and will have a cost of $120 Pesos. Instrument clinics have a cost of $ 60 Pesos.

The rest of the activities and concerts are free of charge until reaching the maximum capacity of the venues and don't require advanced tickets

For more information and daily schedules, visit Buenos Aires Jazz 13 official website.

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