French street market Le Marché - Update

4:00 PM Sandra Gutrejde 2 Comments

Celebrating another anniversary of the French Revolution, an authentic French Market, "Le Marché" will be installed at the Hipodromo Argentino de Palermo, on Av. del Libertador & Dorrego, on Sunday, July 27th, 2014, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Visitors will have the chance to taste and purchase French bakeries and different specialties of the French cuisine, such as boeuf bourguignon, blanquette de veau, croque-monsieur, crêpes, soupe à l’oignon, cheese, as well as pastries, tarte aux pommes, financiers, macarons, chocolate, viennoiseries, pithiviers, gateau au chocolat, and much more, in over 20 gastronomic stalls by:
Bonjour! Natural Bar; Catering Francès; Cocu Boulangerie; Cuisine du Sud-La Bourgogne; Ecole de Cuisine Beatriz Chomnalez; Laban Catering; L´Epi Boulangerie; Les Macarons de Paris; Myette Catering; Web Gourmet; Compaña de chocolates; Geson; Goodies; Kakawa; La Suerte; Piedras blancas; and Sueños Verdes.

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  1. NEVER GOT THE UPDATE - SO WENT TO PLAZA ITALIA LAST WEEKEND...happy it is happening this Sunday!

    1. I´m sorry! But they decided to cancel the night before so we were all in the same boat. Hopefully we will enjoy it tomorrow!